Tripp County South Dakota

Family Photos

Andrew Shalanders Guy Miller's House Willard & Eva Crouch Wedding Day
Albert Eisenbraun Family Tabea Eisenbraun Albert Fettinger
Albert & Tabea Fettinger Fettinger Women Ida (Vinup) Fettinger
William Fettinger William (Grandpa) Fettinger Londberg Car
Mom and Horse Etta & Naomi Patterson & Nettie Parshall Naomi Patterson
Patterson & Bartels Family Daniel & Rebekka Prochnau Prochnau Kids
John Red Hill Photos Charles & Ida Rubel Homestead Shalanders in Hamill

Historical Photos

1908 Rosebud Souvenir Cards 1909 Qually's Drug Store Delivery 1910 Witten Postcard
1911 Produce
From the March 27, 1952 Winner Avocate
1920 Winner 1924 Model T
Barnum House Briggs & Wilkins Mr. & Mrs. Briggs
Budreau Busiest Corner in Old Witten Martin Cunningham Campaign Poster
Dog Ear Lake Dog Ear Lake July 4, 1927 Herman K. "Jim" Frank - Maximizing The Trip
Hamill Card 1913 Hamill Card 1917 Hamill Indians
Ideal Post Office circa 1930 (2 Pictures) Farm near Ideal South Dakota 1918 Former McIntosh Homestead - Wewela SD
Freighters Delivering Printing Press Labor Day 1960 Lamro, SD July 3, 1909 - Off to the ballgame
Lamro, SD March 1910 McLaughlin & Wife Outlaw Trading Post Celebration late 1920's
Outlaw Parade Emily & Ed Raycroft by Carter Post Office Sheep Farm in Tripp County
State Fair Or Bust Tripp County Fair 1915 Tripp County Homestead Photos
Tullinger/Fullinger/Trullinger The Wolf Pups and the Henhouse

Mystery Photos

Unknown Boy

School Photos

1915 Colome School Graduation Booklet 1919 "School Souvenir" Booklet
from McNeely District 53
1925 Ideal School Graduation
1958 Winner High School Homecoming Parade Hamill School (Date unknown) Ideal Horse-drawn School Bus
Raycroft School House (Carter School) near Red Hills

Sports Photos

Clearfield Baseball 1966 Clearfield Baseball 1967 Hamill Girls Basket Ball Team 1920
Ideal Basketball Team Rosedale Baseball 1955 Witten Basketball Team

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