WW II - Army & Air Force Casualties

"KIA" - Killed in Action
An individual who was "killed in action," weather at the front or by enemy action, in the rear areas, or if a prisoner of war, weather by air bombardment of his prison camp or by being shot while escaping.

"DOW" - Died of Wounds
Person who were wounded and later died.

"DOI" - Died of Injuries
Those who suffered fatal battle injuries as opposed to wounds, in combat or in combat areas, and died in the line-of-duty status.

"DNB" - Died, Non-Battle
Other line-of-duty deaths, such as sickness, homicide, suicide or accident out side combat areas (including training and maneuver deaths).

"FOD" - Finding of Death
Individuals who were determined to be dead under Public Law 490.

Albaugh, John E. 0-387096 2 LT DNB
Antes, Boyd I. 1304993 1 LT KIA
Aringdale, Boyd E. 0-405315 CAPT DOW
Bertram, Richard R. 37597968 PVT DOW
Bietz, Alvin M. 37078763 PFC KIA
Bigelow, Robert E. 0-811520 2 LT DOW
Bowling, Maxwell S. 37120292 S SG DOW
Caroll, Harold V. 37140770 PFC DNB
Collins, Lorenzo W. 37773456 PVT DOW
Davis, Samuel L. 37485933 TEC4 DNB
Fesenbeck, Quentin E. 37470662 S SG DNB
Graham, James C. W2116565 WOJG DNB
Hann, Roland J. 0-705687 1 LT KIA
Hendrickson, W. N. 0-421698 2 LT DNB
Ivers, Richard H. 37474289 CPL KIA
Jorgensen, Stanley P. 0-808073 2 LT KIA
Kindle, Edward G. 6581262 S SG KIA
Langland, Charles I. 37474333 S SG FOD
Leonhardt, Henry L. 0-261645 CAPT DNB
Lyons, William D. 37488745 PVT DNB
Mayer, Raymond F. 37704982 TEC5 DNB
Nixon, Stanley T. 37147147 PFC KIA
Noach, Meldon A. 11998649 S SG DNB
Pech, Raymond J. 37123990 AV C DNB
Ruzicka, Edward D. 37484003 PFC DOW
Sharp, Lyle R. 37263987 TEC5 KIA
Soppe, Raymond F. 37156293 PVT KIA
Sund, George E. 37156196 PFC KIA
Trautman, Dale E. 19148230 T SG FOD
Wagner, Donald P. 37147124 PFC KIA
Welch, Jean C. 37480772 PFC DOW
White, Robert H. 37481651 SGT KIA
Woolhiser, Linden C. 37478849 PFC FOD
Woolhiser, Roy E. 1102139 1 LT KIA

Rank Codes
GEN - General (Four Star)
LT G - Lieutenant General (Three Star) M G - Major General (Two Star)
B G - Brigadier General (One Star) COL - Colonel LT C - Lieutenant Colonel
MAJ - Major CAPT - Captain 1 LT - First Lieutenant
2 LT - Second Lieutenant C WO - Chief Warrant Officer WOJG - Warrant Officer, Junior Grade
FL O - Flight Officer AV C - Aviation Cadet SG M - Sergeant Major
M SG - Master Sergeant 1 SG - First Sergeant T SG - Tech Sergeant
S SG - Staff Sergeant TEC3 - Technician Thrid Grade SGT - Sergeant
S 1 - Specialist First Class TEC4 - Technician Fourth Grade CPL - Corporal
TEC5 - Technician Fifth Grade PFC - Private First Class PVT - Private
S 1 - Specialist First Class

Source: photocopies from the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)
transcribed & submitted by Peggy Thompson

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