South Dakota

Turner County, South Dakota Schools



Junior Class Photo (Class of 1912)

Centerville High School, Centerville, South Dakota

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Lillian Bowman: Lillian is a very busy Junior lately.  She is well liked by her school mates.  She is president of the Girls' Athletic Association, and president of the Junior Class.


Agnes Hult: Agnes finished a rural school and joined the Junior Class in its Freshman Year.  She has proven herself an excellent student.  She excels in latin.  She is vice-president of the Junior Class.


Kenneth Hoyce: Kenneth is a good (?) student.  He prefers to bluff whenever possible.  He is fond of star-gazing.  He has high ambitions and hopes as an athlete.  He also sings in public.


Edward Apland:  "Blessings on thee little man."  Edward is well liked by all.  He is fond of athletics, and of his studies.

George Weeks, Jr.: George is a very industrious student.  His favorite pastime is working difficult geometry problems, and his principal occupation is "Driving Home the Cows."


Venice Lowrie: Venice is prominent in Class and Social affairs.  She is enthusiastic over Basket Ball. She has done good work for the "Annual."


Vivian Holcombe: Vivian is a popular High School Girl, and always wants a good time.  She doesn't major in Geometry.  She is active in all student activities.


Ruth Noble: Ruth is one of the quiet members of the class.  She spends most of her time studying.


Ellen Aird: Ellen came to us from Faulkton in her Junior year.  She has won many friends since coming here.  She is a strong student, also a member of the Negative Debating Team, and Basket Ball.


Georgia Coffield: George is the fun of the class.  No joke is complete without her.  She is a very hard worker - at times.  To her, Latin is the only study worth while.


Ruth Kunkle: Ruth is a faithful and earnest student.  It is said she is looking with favor upon the idea of taking a domestic science course.


Arthur Henrich: Arthur is a very regular student.  He has an amiable and quiet disposition.  His favorite study is Geometry.  He is noted for his Latin translations, and for his "low and gentle" voice.


(contributed by Pam Hamilton)



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