South Dakota

Walworth County, South Dakota



Newspapers Published in 1885, Walworth County

from "Dakota", compiled by O. H. Holt, 1885

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The Evening Huronite, Huron, South Dakota
September 8, 1938

Receding Waters Yield Three Victims Near Mobridge and Two Near Buffalo Gap; Teacher Saves Children

Mobridge, Sept. 7 -- The bodies of a mother and two sons, drowned when a six-inch cloudburst sent normally dry Snake creek on a rampage Monday, were recovered late yesterday a few miles from their ranch home near Landeau, 15 miles southwest of here.
Neighbors found the bodies of Mrs. Mark Sogge, about 40, her sons, Glenn, 12, and Donald, 14, after flood waters which at one time reached a depth of 20 feet had receded.
The father swam nearly a quarter of a mile to safety on the opposite side of the creek. A daughter, Margaret, 15, clung to a nearby tree until the water had subsided sufficiently for her to reach shore.
Sogge was cut about the face and body when the torrent hurled him through a barbed wire fence.
The flood washed out nearly a mile of the Milwaukee railroad's branch line between Landeau and Trail City. It destroyed about seven miles of telegraph line, swept away several small buildings and bridges and caused livestock and farm machinery losses. The railroad does not expect to resume service for more than a week.
A substitute school teacher, Mrs. Max Van Orman proved a heroine. She kept 12 children within her school on the banks of the creek even after water had reached the window sills.
With her students she remained overnight at the building until neighbors arrived this morning.

Aberdeen Daily American
December 30, 1911



Mobridge, Dec. 29 --: The body of Fred Fredrickson was found about file miles east of Mobridge near his claim shanty, where he had met his death from exposure to the extreme cold Christmas night. He had spent the day with a neighbor, Zeke Harris, and departed at a late hour for home. His absence at home was discovered the next day and neighbors went to look for him.


27 Mar 1912
Aberdeen American


Smith Brothers, of Rockham Become Owners of Boyd Establishment

Mobridge, March 26 - Quite an important transfer took place in the business circles of the city when the drug stock and fixtures of the late W. H. Boyd was purchased by C. A. Smith and C. E. Smith of Rockham, who will conduct the business in the future under the firm name of Smith & Smith. The firm has two drug stores besides the Mobridge property - one at Rockham and the other at Tulare, both towns being in Spink county. C. A. Smith is in the city at present and has assumed control of the business. However, he will remain only until the arrival of C. E. Smith, who will move his family to this city and conduct the business here. They expect to sell one of their stores in the comparatively near future in which event C. A. Smith will also move to Mobridge with his family.


17 Jul 1917
Aberdeen (SD) American
Aberdeen News


R. I. Hall of Mobridge called on friends and attended to matters of business in this city yesterday. Mr. Hall is proprietor of the Northwestern Hotel at Mobridge.

27 May 1913
Aberdeen Daily News


Charles Cunningham, a conductor on the Milwaukee road out of Mobridge, stepped between two cars to disconnect the airbreak, when his foot slipped and he fell beneath the moving cars. The first set of trucks passed over his arm and leg, but he succeeded in getting from the track before the second set of trucks caught him. He was severely injured, but will not lose any of his limbs.



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