Yankton County South Dakota


Yankton County Cemeteries

Information from the United States Geological Survey

Locations have not been personally verified - please use as a guide only.

Beadleston Cemetery 430130N 0973218W Map
Civil Cemetery 430104N 0973547W Map
Danisi Cemetery 424920N 0970939W Map
East Cemetery 430853N 0973323W Map
Elim Cemetery 430904N 0972128W Map
Elm Grove Cemetery 425351N 0973621W Map
Garden of Memories Cemetery 425416N 0972335W Map
Gayville Cemetery 425342N 0971049W Map
Hillcrest Cemetery 430501N 0971006W Map
Klasi Cemetery 430127N 0973055W Map
Lake Port Cemetery 425454N 0973458W Map
Martinus Cemetery 430040N 0972547W Map
Meldal Cemetery 430951N 0971423W Map
Mueller Cemetery 430256N 0973059W Map
Nedved Cemetery 425549N 0973319W Map
Nikodym Cemetery 425843N 0973321W Map
Odessa Cemetery 430555N 0973529W Map
Ogstad Cemetery 430918N 0971647W Map
Petersburg Cemetery 430459N 0973811W Map
Pioneer Cemetery 430433N 0971244W Map
Polish Cemetery 425938N 0973547W Map
Reform Cemetery 430525N 0973731W Map
Rosenberg Cemetery 425701N 0971535W Map
Sacred Heart Cemetery 425403N 0972335W Map
Saint Johns Cemetery 430219N 0973500W Map
Salem Cemetery 430500N 0971229W Map
Volin Cemetery 425802N 0971016W Map
Voll Cemetery 430324N 0972238W Map
Walshtown Cemetery 430222N 0971835W Map
West Cemetery 430950N 0973541W Map


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