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Slowey, Bernard

Slowey, Isabelle

Slowey, John

Slowey, Thomas Patrick


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Place of Death: 6th & Walnut, Yankton city, Yankton co.
Residence: Yankton, S.D.
Sex: M
Color or Race: W
Birth: Oct 3, 1853 in Wisconsin
Father: Patrick Sllwey, b. Ireland
Mother: Katherine McCabe, b. Ireland
Date of Death: Apr 12, 1939
Cause of death: Senility
Burial/Cremation/Removal at Yankton, April 14, 1939
Age: 85y 11m 9ds
Occupation: Retired Farmer
Married to Elisabeth McCatchur
Informant: Mrs. Pat Cuningham

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Transcribed from the Certificate of Death
provided by Jenny Lanctot

Date of Death: March 14, 1963
Place of Death:
County - Yankton
City - Yankton
Length of stay in this place - minutes
Full name of Hospital: Sacred Heart Hospital
Usual Residence: 812 Douglas Ave., Yankton, S. Dak.
Sex: Male Color: White
Married - Anna Huber Slowey
Birth: Dec. 29, 1895 (South Dakota)
Father: John Slowey
Mother: Theresa Burns
Age at last birthday: 67
Occupation: Stockyards forman
Deceased was never in U. S. Armed Forces
Informant: Vernon Slowey
Cause of Death: Cardia Standstill due to Myocardial Infarction (1/2 hour) due to Coronary Atherosclerosis (2+ years)
Previous myocardial infarction Oct. 1960.
Buried March 18, 1963 at Sacred Heart, Yankton, Yankton co., S. Dak.



Place of death: 112 W. 6th, Yankton
Residence: Yankton, S.D.
Sex: Female
Color: White
Widowed (wife of Bernard)
Birth: Feb. 6, 1854, Canada
Father: James McKeachie, b. Scotland
Mother: Catherine, b. Scotland
Death: Feb. 13, 1947, cause: Senility
Burial/Cremation/Removal: Sac Heart Cem, Feb. 15, 1942
Age: 93y 7ds
Occupation: Housewife
Informant: Mrs. Holbroad, Yankton, S.D.

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Sex: Male
Color: White
Birth: Wisconsin
Father: Patrick Slowey, b. Ireland
Mother: Catherine McCabe, b. Ireland
Married - Thresa Slowey
Age: 67y 2 m
Occupation: Farmer
Death: Apr. 26, 1928, Sacred Heart Hospital, Yankton twp., Yankton co.
Cause of death: Multiple abscesses[?] of lung, with Lobar pneumonia contributing.
Burial: Catholic cemetery, Mayfield, SD; April 28, 1928
Informant: Mrs. John Mooney

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