Ziebach County South Dakota


Ziebach County Birth Records

Contributed by a Friend of Free Genealogy

Name Birth Date Gender County Father Mother
Olney Howard Borst 24 Jul 1890 Male Ziebach William Rowen Borst Matilda Augusta Mason
Nelson Brings White 16 Sep 1899 Male Ziebach Clayton Hold Frances Touch The Cloud
Philip Darr Carson 8 Apr 1902 Male Ziebach John Frank Carson Bird L Pickering
Elbert A Chief 2 Apr 1892 Male Ziebach Thunder Bird Comes Our Holy
James Raden Ford 4 Jan 1886 Male Ziebach Robert Ford Ruth Conroe
Isaac W Halfred 5 Dec 1901 Male Ziebach Oscar Halfred Maggie Worn Out Horn
Constance Louise Lessman 11 Jan 1884 Female Ziebach Herbert John Lessman Lecharl Lory


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