Bedford County TN Biographies


This gentleman is the son of David and Catherine (Bell) Appleby, and was born December 6, 1819, in Bedford county, Tennessee. In October, 1832 his parents left Tennessee, and came to Wayne county, Missouri, where they lived about ten months. Then, in 1833, they moved to Greene county, and settled in the southern part of Franklin township. James moved to Platte county, Missouri, in 1841, and returned to his old home in Greene county in 1843, and has always followed farming. He was elected, upon the Republican ticket in 1880, justice of the peace, and re-elected in 1882. 'Squire Appleby was married in March, 1841, to Susan Thornburg, of Platte county, Missouri. That marriage was blest with three sons and one daughter. His first wife died in 1852, and in 1853 he was married again, to Mary McCurdy, of this county. By this union they have four sons and three daughters. During the war Mr. Appleby was in the enrolled militia, and was at Springfield when it was attacked by Gen. Marmaduke January 8, 1868. He was a strong Union man in 1860, voting for Bell and Everett, Bell being a cousin of his mother. His father was a native of Pennsylvania, who removed to Georgia, then to Tennessee and then to Missouri, where he died in 1867. His mother was a native of North Carolina, and died in 1866. They were married in Tennessee. They had a family of three sons and four daughters.

Source: History of Greene County MO

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