"Tennessee Trails" through Bedford County

Bedford County TN Biographies

Joe David Brown
1908 - ??

County Superintendent of Schools of Bedford County, Tennessee. Mr. Brown was educated in he schools of Bedford County; Cumberland University; University of Alabama; Teachers College, Murfreesboro, Tennessee, B.S. degree. He is a member of the Methodist Church; a Democrat. He was born in Wartrace, Tn on May 25, 1903. His ancestry is Scotch Irish.

His parents were John Abernathy and Nellie Isom Brown; his paternal grandparent was David Brown; maternal grandparents, Joe & Mollie Graham Isom. He married Mary Ruth Davidson July 15, 1933. Mr. Brown taught schoolfor 14 years in the elementary and high schools of Bedford County and was elected County Superintendent in September 1935 for a four year term. He was elected by an unprecedented majority over a field of three candidates. He has filled this place with honor, being one of the most efficient superintendents Bedford County has ever had.

He is the father of one child, Marie Gaynelle Brown, aged 2. His hobbies are fishing, bird hunting and football.
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