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Joseph Cavin
1797 - 1877

Joseph Cavin was born December 23, 1797 in Hawkins Co, TN and died in Polk County, MO on December 06, 1877. This information come from his tombstone in the Burdette-Cavin Cemetery in Missouri. In-between these two places, he lived in Bedford County, TN.

Joseph is supposed to have married four times….family history says three sisters and one additional woman

1. Polly Keele (November 06, 1800 in Hawkins Co, TN- April 03, 1824 in Bedford Co, TN) They married August 22, 1816 in Hawkins Co, TN. We have dates for Polly which we have not been able to document. We are hoping that when the volunteers of Hawkins County finish sorting through and organizing the early records of the county that we will find documentation of her family and this marriage to Joseph. We do not know where she was buried in Bedford Co, TN. Joseph and Polly had three children….Livy Ann (my ancestor b. May 28, 1817), William Clinton (b. October 18, 1818), and Minerva Beulah (b. November 30, 1821).

In the Burdette-Cavin Cemetery of Polk Co, MO are Joseph’s middle two wives….

2. Hannah Keele (on tombstone "Hannah Cavin, wife (of) Joseph Cavin, June 25, 1803 May 1, 1863, Polk Co, MO, age 59 years, 10 mo., 6 days). Joseph married Hannah on January 02, 1825 in Bedford County, TN. Because the courthouse records burned, we have been unable to document this date. Joseph and Hannah had the following children:
Polly Cavin b. November 15, 1825
James Cavin b. January 25, 1827
Orville S. (Dick) Cavin b. January 01, 1829
Able Slaton Cavin b. August 18, 1831
Sarah Ann Elizabeth Cavin b. September 27, 1833
Elizabeth Ann (Eliza Ann) Cavin b. March 29, 1836
George Washington Cavin b. February 19, 1838
Nancy Jane Cavin b. September 18, 1839
Hannah Margaret Cavin b. 1841
Joseph C. Cavin b. abt. 1846
Matilda Cavin b. November 05, 1847

We believe all of the children other than Matilda were born in Bedford County.

3. Mary Keele ("In Memory of Mary, wife of Joseph Cavin, b. March 6, 1802, d. Oct. 8, 1869, 67 ys, 7 ms, 2 ds."). Mary, too, is supposed to be a sister of the other girls; we have not been able to document this. Joseph and Mary married September 30, 1866 in Sedalia, Pettis Co, MO. We do not believe they had any children.

4. Margaret Abel Wollard (widow of Nathaniel Wollard) (June 12, 1808 - March 06, 1893) They married December 17, 1872 in Dallas Co, MO (Book A, page 18 or 108) Margaret is buried with Nathaniel Wollard in the Wollard Cemetery, Dallas Co, MO. They did not have children, and Margaret outlived Joseph and returned to Dallas County after Joseph died. Joseph Cavin moved his family to Bedford County, TN possibly as early as 1821. Family history gives this date and a possible land record was found for “Cavit Joseph 1821, serial number 26, chapter and section 122, Land transaction in Sumner County, TN. ACTS OF TENNESSEE 1796 - 1830, Tennessee State Library and Archives.”

Goodspeed says that Joseph Cavin was one of the first settlers of Polk County, MO and that he bought land in Mooney Twnshp. in 1844. We found a marriage record for Polly Keele who married Samuel S. Burdett on Nov. 1, 1842 in Polk Co, MO (Polk Co, MO, Book A, p. 64). We believe he was in Polk County possibly before 1840.

I am sure there are mistakes in this information, but it is the best effort of several of us who have worked together a long time to put this family together. This group is very anxious to be able to get into the early records of Hawkins County….when they are finally available.

Written and Contributed by Patricia Ann Haile Kinsey
3rd Great Granddaughter

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