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Bedford County TN Biographies


George Augustine Frazer. One of the active members of the Nashville bar, Mr. Frazer is of one of the oldest Tennessee families, his wife is likewise a descendant of some of the notable characters in the political, professional, and business history of this state. George Augustine Frazer was born at "Wessyngton, Tennessee, April 21,1879. The founder of the family in the United States was Hugh Frazer, of Scotch birth and adversity. He came to America in 1746, after the battle of Cullodenmoor, settling near Cape Fear, North Carolina. He belonged to the clan Fraser, whose habitation was on the Moray Firth, and he was one of the supporters of Prince Charles, the Young Pretender, and it was after the disastrous defeat of the Pretender that Hugh Fraser, together with large numbers of Highlanders, left Scotland for America, the battle of Cullodenmoor marking the final extinction of the Stuart cause in Scotland. Hugh Frazer was both a soldier and a farmer.

A son of Hugh and bearing the same name, emigrated to what is now Tennessee, and was a pioneer in the neighborhood of the present Bedford county. His occupation was farming. He had three sons, James, Preston, and Granville. One of the brothers of Hugh Frazer, the pioneer Tennesseean, emigrated to Alabama, and another, named Sterling Frazer, emigrated to Illinois. Of the sons Dr. Preston Frazer died unmarried in Bedford county, Tennessee. Another, Granville Frazer, died in Texas unmarried.

Dr. James Frazer, the direct ancestor of the Nashville lawyer, was educated for his profession in Philadelphia, practiced medicine and lived at Lebanon in Wilson county, Tennessee, and during the war with Great Britain was surgeon-general in the command of Andrew Jackson, taking part in the battle of New Orleans and seeing considerable service throughout the war of 1812. He died in 1835, in Lebanon, Tennessee. His church affiliation was with the Methodist. Dr. James Frazer married Mrs. Hannah Brown Shelby, widow of Dr. Henry Shelby; her mother was Martha Brown, a daughter of General Green Hill, of South Carolina, a general in the Revolutionary army, and r bishop of the Methodist church. Dr. James Frazer and wife had two children: Henry Shelby Frazer and Martha Jane Frazer. . Martha Jane married Jordan Stokes of Wilson county, Tennessee, and they became the founders of a large and prominent family in this state.

Henry Shelby Frazer, who died in 1875, although residing in Tennessee, was owner and operator of an immense plantation in Mississippi. He married Elizabeth Murfree, daughter of William H. Murfree of Hertford, of Hertford county, North Carolina, a son of Colonel Hardy Murfree, one of the heroes of King's Mountain, and a participant throughout the Revolutionary war. Colonel Murfree received immense land grants in Tennessee, and the town of Murfreesboro is named for them. Elizabeth Murfree s mother was Elizabeth Maney. Henry Shelby Frazer and wife, Elizabeth, had two children, Sarah Murfree and James Stokes Frazer. Sarah Murfree Frazer married J. Hart Hillman, originally of Tennessee, and later of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, where he was one of the prominent iron and coal men. James Stokes Frazer was born in Lebanon, Tennessee, graduated A. B. from the University of Nashville, and LL. B. from the Lebanon Law School. He was for many years a prominent member of the Nashville bar, served as attorney for the Louisville and Nashville Railroad, and at one time was elected to the Tennessee legislature. He died in 1892. In May, 1878, James Stokes Frazer married Mary "Washington, daughter of Colonel George Augustine Washington of Wessyngton, Tennessee, one of the most prominent tobacco planters of the south before and after the war, a man prominent in all affairs. Colonel Washington was a son of Joseph and Mary (Cheatham) Washington, and was a direct descendant of John Washington, a great uncle of the first president. Colonel George A. Washington's wife was James Smith of Alabama, the daughter of Joseph Laurence Dawson Smith, one of the early settlers in the wilderness of North Alabama The children of James Stokes Frazer and Mary Washington are: George Augustine Frazer, Henry Shelby Frazer, James Stokes Frazer, Laurence Smith Frazer, Mary Washington, now Mrs. Hickman Price of New York; Elizabeth Murfree, deceased, and Joseph Washington.

George Augustine Frazer, who during his comparatively brief career as a lawyer has well upheld the family traditions and abilities, was educated along exceedingly liberal lines. Prom the public schools of Nashville, he was a student in the Kenyon Military Academy, in the University of Virginia, took his law degree from Vanderbilt University and a post-graduate course in Columbia University at New York City. Mr. Frazer was at one time an instructor in the law school of the University of the South at Sewanee. Since October, 1907, he has been attorney for the Nashville Railway and Light Company, and has a large general practice as a lawyer in Nashville. Mr. Frazer is a member of the college society of the Sigma Chi and the Theta Nu Epsilon. His church is the Episcopal, and in politics he is a Democrat. Mr. Frazer was married November 8,1905, to Sadie Lindsley Warner, daughter of Percy and Margaret (Lindsley) Warner. Her grandparents were James C. and Mary Thomas (Williams) Warner, James C. Warner, having been a pioneer iron manufacturer of Tennessee, and mayor of the city of Chattanooga during the Civil war. On her mother's side Mrs. Frazer is a granddaughter of J. Berrien Lindsley and Sallie McGavoek, the former having been at one time president of the University of Nashville. She is also a great granddaughter of Felix Grundy, who early in the history of the United States was attorney general in the cabinet of President Van Buren. J. Berrien Lindsley was the son of Philip Lindsley of New Jersey, at one time president of Princeton University. Percy Warner, father of Mrs. Frazer, is president of the street railway of Nashville, and of the Nashville Railway and Light Company. Mr. and Mrs. Frazer have three children: Percy Warner Frazer, Shelby William Frazer, and Margaret Lindsley Frazer.

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