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Meade Haile
1774 - 1850

Mead Haile was born in 1774 in Bedford County, VA. He was the son of John Haile and Nancy Ann Overstreet. He married Elizabeth (Betsy) Jackson on March 12, 1796, in Bedford County, VA. They moved to Noah’s Fork in Bedford County, TN, by 1808 when he bought land from Alexander Outlaw (Deed Book B, pages 303-304; Bedford Co, TN). There are several land records through the years as Mead lives in the county the remainder of his life.

In 1850, Mead is shown with second wife Mary. There is much speculation as to when Elizabeth died and the marriage to Mary took place. Other than the 1850 census, the only other reference I have of Mary is a church record in 1842.

New Hope Baptist Church at Fairfield, TN
"Nov 5th 1842

The church met and after worship 1st inquired of the fellowship of the church all in peace 2nd opend a dore for the Reception of members and Received Brother Mead Hale By Experiance and Black man by Experiance and a black boy & girl by Experiance by the names of Peter and Franky belonging to Capt Martin also received three black girls belonging to Sister Shaw by the names of Cilva Rachel and Alley by Experiance also received a black girl by Experiance by the name of Kitty belinging to Clo Martin also received Sister Mary Hail by Experiance." (Sent by Carolyn Smotherman to Lila Coley who sent it to me. A note of interest from Carolyn: The minutes of the church are from 1809 to 1849. The minutes do not start again until after the Civil War. This is the only reference to any Haile/Hail/Hale.)

I am not sure of all of the children of Mead and Elizabeth. My ancestor is Mead J., possibly their next to last child. Mead J. named his first son “Jackson Overstreet.” I do not believe that he would have used the name “Jackson” if Elizabeth were not his grandmother. Also in the 1880 Cook County, Texas census, Mead J. said his mother was born in VA; the 1850 Bedford County, TN census says that Mary was born in SC. Therefore I think Elizabeth died some time after 1811. However, Dick Poplin, previous County Historian for Bedford County, believed that his ancestor, Elizabeth (Lizzie) Haile (July 12, 1809 - January 04, 1888), born before Mead J., was the daughter of Mead and Mary. She, however, might have been named for her grandmother Elizabeth. I tend to believe that all of the children were Elizabeth’s and that Mead married Mary late in life.

A POSSIBLE or partial listing of their children might be the following:

1. Mary Haile b. abt. 1797. I have been told she married a man by the name of “Bird.”

2.Lockey Haile b. abt. 1798. I have been told she married a man by the name of “Sorrels.”

3.Thomas Jackson Haile (April 12, 1799 - January 20, 1873) He married Mary M. Waggoner.

4. Joel Haile b. abt. 1805. He married Elizabeth (Betsy) Wrather.

John Haile b. abt. 1806. He married Sarah M. (Sallie) Moore. He died before his father and there was a lawsuit to get his portion of his father’s estate for his children.

James F. Hudgins of MO applied to Bedford Co, TN for an order against Francis Jackson, Executor of the will of Mead Hail, deceased, to pass the portion of Mead's estate which would normally go to John Hail, deceased son of Mead Hail, to the children of John Hail. The petition names Mead Hail as the grandfather of these children. The children are Jackson Hale, Sarah E. Hale, William T. Hale, and John Randolph Hale. The son John Hail and his family lived in Ray Co, MO. Bedford Co, TN, Minute Book 1851-1855, pages 416-417.

6. Isaac Overstreet Haile (February 26, 1807 - June 29, 1887). He married Elizabeth (Betsy) Haynes.

7. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Haile (July 12, 1809 - January 04, 1888). She married Francis Marion Jackson II.

8. Mead J. Haile (1811- Oct. 1891). He married Livy Ann Cavin.

9.Milly Ann Haile (September 30, 1814 - October 01, 1903). She married Able Lytle.

The courthouse in Bedford County, TN, burned. The will of Mead Hail did not survive the fire. It IS known from other documents that survived that Mead J. and Frances Marion Jackson, son-in-law, were executors of the will. Bedford County Court Minutes, Oct. 2,1848- Nov.14,1850, page 222, there is an entry for probate, of a will for Mead Haile, deceased, G.G. Osborne, Bartlett Bird and Robert A. Lambert, witnesses. Francis Jackson and Mead J. Haile, Executors October 1850

I have not found a cemetery record for Mead, Elizabeth, or Mary. The only possibility could be Cothran Cemetery at Rover, Bedford County…. M. Hale, no date (Carolyn Smotherman sent me this information) I would love to make contact with other researchers of this family. Please contact me if you tie into this line. (Pat's email is listed in "Surnames" Section

Written and Contributed by Patricia Ann Haile Kinsey
3rd Great Granddaughter

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