Bedford County TN Biographies


Joseph Hastings, Jr., the son of Joseph, Sr., and Susannah Holloway, was born in Hillsboro, Orange County, North Carolina on November 18, 1782. Joseph, Hastings, Jr. married Nancy Pittman on April 9, 1800, in Orange County, North Carolina. Six children were born to this union, including Jo Harriet, who was born in 1815. Known children are: --John M. --Frances lived to about 15 years old --Cynthia abt 1812 (m. William Snowden Wallace) --Nancy 4 Mar 1808-12 Jan 1885 (m. Joshua Woosley) --Jo Harriet abt 1815-after 1880 (m. William E. Woosley) He moved to the state of Tennessee in 1807, along with his father, brothers, and sisters, and all their families. He was made Justice of the Peace in 1827. This office was held by several men who were the local court of the time. The 23rd District was formed in 1836 and the elections were held at the house of Joseph Hastings, Esq. He was a school commissioner in 1841. He was quite prosperous and was able to buy up most of his father's estate, including Negroes, from the other heirs. In 1839 he bought a Negro boy named Joseph, who was about 29 years old. He paid $1310 for him and sold him a year later for $1410. Nancy died September 12, 1864 at the age of 83. Joseph Hastings died on October 13, 1868 at the age of 85. Both are buried at New Hope Cemetery in Bedford County, Tennessee.

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COUNTY HISTORICAL QUARTERLY, Vol. 6, No. 1., Shelbyville, Tennessee. Spring 1980. Page 18-19.

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