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Joseph "Joe" Little Hart
1900 - 1967

Joe Hart was a magistrate of the 22nd District in Bedford County, and a farmer dealing in beef stock. He was well known at walking horse shows and among horse owners, keeping many walking brook mares and raising colts on his farm. Joe had the same box seat at the Shelbyville National Walking Horse Celebration every year. It was just adjacent to the gate where the horses entered the ring. He said he could tell more about the horses from there.

Never married, he was a member of New Hermon Church of Christ, serving as Sunday School teacher for many years. Joe was born 23 July 1900 in Bedford County and died 8 February 1967. He is buried at New Hermon Church of Christ Cemetery.

Charles Patton, a great nephew relates these thoughts - "His mother died around 1901 when Joe was just a baby. He was raised by his older sister Mary Katherine Hart, "Aunt Kate". She would have been about 18 when she took Joe in to raise. Aunt Kate never married either and devoted her whole life to her younger brother Joe. As a young boy my father would take me to Uncle Joe’s to ride horses. I remember him as sort of a colorful character (language too) who was well liked and much admired for his ability to judge horseflesh. Several years after he died I can remember being at the nursing home with my parents visiting Aunt Kate. She was old and feeble and her mind was slipping but still, her only concern was who was taking care of Joe."

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