** Batt/Batte Cemetery **
Near Unionville

Jack Case Wilson discovered the remains of a cemetery in a cedargrove near Unionville. He found two obelisks, one for Henry Batt, born Jan 15, 177(8)?, died Feb (1?) 1845; the other appears to read Samuel G. McGowan, born Aug 10, 1815, died April 15, 1853. (Samuel Good McGowan being the son of Ebenezer McGowan and Frances Baugh. They married in Mecklenburg Co, VA on 29 Jul 1797. Frances was the second wife of Ebenezer. She was the daughter of James and Agnes (Batte) Baugh of Mecklenburg co, VA.) Two small stones; C. L. Batt Born Nov 3, 1827 (?) died March 16, 1865(?) aged 37 years and "Marian?" D. Ozment Born (?) 1817, died March 21, 1818, aged 1 year. The stones are very hard to read, but suggest that the Batt, Ozment and McGowan families arrived together very early in Bedford County, Tennessee. Stones use the "Batt" spelling that is used in Yorkshire. Most of the family still uses the spelling "Batte" that was used in Virginia.

BATT, C.L. 03 Nov 1827 16 Mar 1865    
BATT, Henry 15 Jan 177? ?? Feb 1845    
McGOWAN, Samuel Good 10 Aug 1815 15 Apr 1853   Ebenezer &
Frances (Baugh) McGowan
OZMENT, Marian D. 1817 21 Mar 1818    

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