"Tennessee Trails" through Bedford County



Anthony Reagor of Tennessee (1746-1824) is documentated in the book "Frosts & Related Families by Wright Wilson Frost 1962 Knoxville TN. I'm going to touch on the family of Anthony Reagor but to get the background of the Reagor family in America you will need to read the book. The Reagor family is in Chapter V Pages 103 - 149.

The Reagor and Shook families of Bedford County are connected from the marriage of William Shook's widowed daughter, Margaret (Shook) Brook to Anthony Reagor on December 11, 1789 according to Bible records.

The earliest known documentary evidence of Anthony Reagor's residence in TN is his inclusion in the first recorded tax list for Bedford County in 1812 -- just about the same time that the Shook family came upon the scene. Theer is little doubt that Anthony Reagor lived in Knox County near the Shooks before he settled in Bedford County, near Flat Creek. All known records indicate that the children of Anthony Reagor and the children of William Shook were all born in Knox Co TN. Its probable that Anthony and Margaret and their children were the first of the Shooks to migrate to Bedford County and that their migration took place before 1807 when Margaret's brother WIlliam Shook Jr., is believed to have settled theere.

The Reagors apparently left Knox County before records were being made of land ownership and arrived in Bedford County before it seemed important to have records made of land ownership in order to be able to hold it.

Although the Shooks settled by 1786 in Knox County TX the only record found on Anthony Reagor in Knox Co is April 22, 1794. No records have been found for Anthony Reagor but at the time of his death in 1824 he did own land. The 1820 Census for Bedford County lists his as Anthony RAGER, a neighbor of his son "William Rager" and his brothers-in-law Abraham and William Shook, Jr.

At he death September 7, 1824, all of his children except Jacob who died young, seem to have been living in or within visiting distance of the Flat Creek Community. The Reagor Bible has the records of the family and nearly all of family was recorded in their pages. The writer had copy of the bible records, much of Anthony Reagor is not documented - perhaps new records may someday be obtained.

Anthony and his wife Margaret are both buried at the old Shook Cemetery in Flat Creek in unmarked graves.

Children of Anthony and Margaret (Shook) Reagor

1. William born August 10, 1790 in Knox Co TN. He was first listed in Bedford County Census in 1820 as William Rager alongside the name of his father Anthony Rager. He was still living in, or near, on September 20, 1824 when all of Anthony Reagor's living children entered into an agreement concerning the landed estate of their father who had died on September 7. There is family tradition that William, and his brother John, settled in Texas. William was never documentated in Texas, but John settled in Ellis County south of Dallas.

2. John born January 3, 1792 in Knox Co TN Records show John Reagor sold land in Bedford County in 1819 - Bedford Deed Book K Pg 326. He moved to Alabama around the same time probably to Jackson County as his brother Isaac is thought to have lived for awhile before settling in West Tennessee. Family records indicate that John Reagor married Catherine Humble. They migrated to Texas about 1816 as their son Jacob was born there at that time. Mr. J.L. Hutson in 1824 listed the children of John and Catherine as follows.

Elizabeth who married Wesley Richardson
Jacob who married Julia A. Frost
Catherine who married Wesley Smith
Peggy married Charles Nolan
Delette married Cyrene Myrphy
Narcissa married Charley Warren
Terry Adiline married Dr. P.S. Weatley
John F. married Caroline Smith
Mary Eliza married F.P. Ray

The 1860 Census in Ellis County verifies the children of at least four of his children.

3. Mary Magdalene, born December 9, 1793, died November 22, 1856, married David Floyd, born June 19, 1786, died December 18, 1856, married 1811, had 9 children. Both are buried in the Shook Cemetery, Bedford Co. Childern are
Sam Floyd May 1812 died Jan. 1834 married Sallie Price.
Anthony Aug 1815 died Nov. 1871 married Mariah H. Womack in 1837.
Rebecca Floyd Nov. 1818 - Nov 1847 married James Franklin Farrar in 1840.
Allen Floyd Oct 1822 - Dec 1863 married Lucinda Campbell.
Katie Floyd Mar. 1824-Jan 1856 married Jesse Coleman
Peggie Floyd 1826 - 1862 married William Crawford
Mary Floyd Dec 1828 - Nov 1865 married Wiley Rudd
Jane Floyd Jan 1831 - Dec 1880 married Marion Guthrie
James K. Floyd Oct 1832 - Nov 1875 married Tempie Gowen married 2nd to Jan Gowen

4. Jacob born October 10, 1795 - died young

5. Anthony Wayne born June 18, 1797 (hard to read), died June 8, 1846, married Rhoda Boone on December 10, 1820, buried in Boone Cemetery, Bedford Co. Tombstone: Rhoda Boone Reagor, born November 17, 1803, died April 23, 1846. According to the family Bible Records he was born July 18, 1797.

6. Isaac Reagor born 2 April 1799. In 1830 the census indicates Isaac was living in Gibson Co TN. Family tradition shows he married Betsy McWherter and their children were Hance, McWherter, John, Wayne, Washington, Thoms, Ess, Betsy, Jane, Monroe and Emoline. It is reported that Isaac was over 60 years during the Civil War so he assisted the young boys to grow something to eat when the Yankees invaded West Tennessee. He is reported to have died shortly after the close of the war and to have been buried in a family cemetery about a mile north of Rutherford on or near his farm.

7. James Brock Reagor was born October 22, 1800 and died at Flat Creek TN May 12, 1863. He married Elizabeth Covey 8 Sept. 1825 the daughter of Joseph and Rosannah Barringer Covey. She was born in Montgomery Co VA Dec. 27, 1806 and died at Flat Creek Dec. 21, 1894.

8. Abraham Reagor born in Knox Co Oct. 24, 1802. He married Elizabeth Lacy born Nov. 8, 1809. Abraham died 21 Feb 1863 and she on Jan. 23, 1873. They are both buried at the Shook Graveyard. Abram was a prosperous farmer and had a large family. His land included that southwest of the bridge which crosses Flat Creek just west of the village.