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1831-1850 Prisoners

Unknown Source, Submitted by C. Walters





Abbott, James M. petit larceny Bedford 21
Andrews, Robt. petit larceny Bedford 20
Anthony, Alfred murder Bedford 38
Brown, James petit larceny Bedford 22
Carrol, Micham petit larceny Bedford 21
Claxton, David pass. counterfeit money Bedford 30
Cox, William petit larceny Bedford 28
Dean, William murder Bedford 45
Finley, John petit larceny Bedford 41
Godsay, Hiram larceny Bedford 24
Gregory, Aaron W. mare stealing Bedford 22
Hamby, Gideon mule stealing Bedford 19
Hare, Robert horse stealing Bedford 21
Harris, Phillip grand larceny Bedford 27
Hudson, Thomas burglary & larceny Bedford 18
Jolly, Asberry grand larceny Bedford 24
Lindsley, Elisha grand larceny Bedford 25
Marshall, Joseph J. fraud Bedford 40
Marshall, Thomas petit larceny Bedford 29
Moran, Samuel p[etit] larceny Bedford 24
Phillips, William burglary Bedford 47
Reed, Drury mare stealing Bedford 20
Sanders, Redick g[rand] larceny Bedford 28
Spears, Alexander grand larceny Bedford 29
Troxler, Lorenzo D. assault/battery/att.Rape Bedford 24
Wilson, Andrew horse stealing Bedford 34
Wray, James E. murder Bedford 24
Wray, William horse stealing Bedford 26


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