Benton County

Hattie (Tate) Abbott Allison

John W. Abbott, pioneer real estate man of Vernon, was born in Camden, Tenn., and came to Texas in 1880, settling in Belton, Bell County. In 1886 Mr. Abbott moved to Wilbarger County and for many years was one of the leading real estate dealers of this section of the state.

In the Vernon Guard's special edition of 1899, the following was said about Mr. Abbott:

"This firm does a general real estate business, buys and sells property of all kinds, does conveyancing and all other business coming under the scope of legitimate real estate transactions. J .W. Abbott, the head of the firm, is one of the best known real estate dealers operating in the Panhandle. His long residence and intimate knowledge of real estate matters make him a good judge of real estate, and his judgment in such matters is accepted without question."

Mrs. Allison's, whose maiden name was Miss Hettie Tate, was born in Lee County, Alabama, twenty-one miles from Columbus, Ga. She came to Texas in 1888 and lived in San Marcos a year before coming to Wilbarger County. She was married to Mr. Abbott on May 14, 1890. He died April 7, 1907, leaving his wife and six sons. Mrs. Abbott was married to A. Allison on April 23, 1919.

Mrs. Allison's sons are: John T. Abbott, manager of the Shamburger Lumber Company at Wichita Falls; Roy W. Abbott, assistant cashier of the Herring National Bank of Vernon; Leland W. Abbott of Amarillo, with the Jefferson Standard Life Insurance Company; William B. Abbott, with the North Texas Building & Loan Association of Wichita Falls; Joe H. Abbot, who died in 1917, and Herman H. Abbott, with the Joseph E. Morgan Construction Company of El Paso.
(Source: Charles P. Ross, "Early-day History of Wilbarger County". Vernon, Tex: Vernon, Times, 1933; transcribed by Susan Geist)