Benton County


House, 75th General Assembly, 1947-49; representing Benton and Decatur counties; Democrat. Born in Henry Co. Apr 18, 1916, son of William Arch and Todd (Arnett) Derington. Attented Bethel College, McKenzie, Carroll County, graduated with B.S. Degree 1940, from Memphis State College; graduated with LL. B. degree 1954, from Vanderbilt admitted to bar. Married at Murray, Caloway Co KY Oct. 14, 1941, to Nelle Jean Wagoner, of Camden, Benton County; daughter of R.H. and Vertrice (Russell) Wagoner; one son -- Jpjm/ Teacher and principal of Camden Elementary School in early life; after receiving law degree, practiced in Benton and adjoining counties with home at Camden. Judge of county court eight years; unsuccessful candidate for judge of 22nd Judicial Circuit of Tennessee in 1965. In WW II; inducted into US Navy June 9, 1943; commissioned ensign August 9, 1945; relieved from active duty Feb. 20, 1946. Member American Legion; Veterans of Foreign Wars. Member nited Methodist Church; Free and Accepted Masons; Lions Club; chairman, Cancer Crusade, 1966. Home address in 1969 - 108 West Lake St. Camden TN 38320.
Sources: Information supplied by self, Oct. 22, 1969, and by Tenn. War Records Bureau; Tenn. Vital Statistics; birth certificate 41-183; Camden Chronicle, Nov. 11, 1949; Feb. 19, 1954; Jan. 17, 1958; Dec. 9, 1965; May 19, 1966; Tenn.Blue Book, 1967-68, p. 250; Tenn. Public Acts, 1947.

Biographical Directory Tennessee General Assembly 1796-1969 Preliminiary No 13 Page 4