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As a young man he journeyed from his home in NC into TN, probably moving with his family or at least some members of the family. Abimilick, as he was called, is shown in 1811 on the TN Tax Rolls of Davidson County. At the time of this tax listing he is a young man of 22 with a young wife and a new baby daughter. The Davidson County Tax Roll of 1811 also lists 2 other Herrin family members, Beverly and Lemuel, although their exact relationship is not clear. It is know that Lemuel settled later in the Rushing Creek area just as Abimlick did , and that he was one of the first preachers at the Rushing Creek Baptist Church.

The notation concerning Beverly & Lemuel is made because they, along with Abimlick, are known to have been around Nashville for a few years because they are shown together on the "muster" rolls of Captain Adams Nashville Company during the War of 1812. Exactly what duty and where Abimlick served during the war is not known but his service record is recorded. Following the War of 1812, Abimlick and his family moved farther west in TN to Benton County. Some 6 miles north of Camden, TN, Joseph Rushing had established the community called Rushing Creek and this is where the Herrin family settled. Joseph Rushing had married Emily Herrin who was probably related to Abimlick and 3 of brothers and sisters had married Rushing family members. From this profile, it is obvious that Rushing Creek was a clannish and inter related community which is typical of other HERREN settlements. Abimlick and Sarah are listed as early settlers of the area in Benton County records and several members of the family became prominent citizens of the community. They had 12 children and lived the remainder of their lives there. Moss laden tombstones mark their graves in the churchyard of the Rushing Creek Baptist Church.

The family record of Abimlick and Sarah Herrin was preserved in a songbook entitled "Songs of David", published in 1711 in Scotland. The book was handed down to a fourth generation grandson, George W. E. Herrin, who moved to Ada, OK in 1920, then passed along to his son, Penn Herrin of Seattle, Washington, over a hundred and seventy years later. Four of Abimlick and Sarah's sons moved north to KY in 1846 and joined other members of the Herrin family in western KY along the Shawnee Trace. The brothers were part of a group of settlers led by William WATSON who made their way from Benton County, TN to the area around Jonesstand in Henderson County, KY. Wm WATSON, who later established the community around Oak Heights, was the father in law of 2 of the Herrin brothers, Beverly and Wesley, at the time of the migration and later a third brother, Enoch, married one of his daughters. The brothers settled on land in and around Boardly that was probably owned by either Daniel or William Herrin while other members of the party went a few miles farther to Jonesstand and Oak Heights. The reason for the move to KY in not known, but it is apparent that the group knew exactly where these other Herrin family members were located and that was their destination.

As a young man he traveled back eastward to the Nashville or Fort Nashboro area. He is shown in the Davidson County Tax Roll near Fort Nashboro in 1811. At the time of this Tax listing he was a young man of 22 with a young wife and a baby daughter. There is some confusion concerning Abimlick's time around Nashville because he is shown as having been married to Sarah Frazier around 1807 and then as being married to Sharah McWhorter three years later. Since Sarah Frazier is not listed in any other record and there is no documentation of any issue from the marriage, it is believed that Sarah Frazier either died shortly after the marriage or that "Frazier" was the middle name of Sarah McWhorter and that these earlier records have incorrectly listed the date of their marriage.

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Buried at Rushing Creek Benton County TN Miliary Headston