Benton County


Superior preparation and especial fitness for the responsible duties of his profession may well be claimed by Dr. E. C. Johnston of Chattanooga. Since 1903 he has been actively engaged in medical practice at this place, which is the city chosen by him for his life's career. A general practitioner, with special training in surgery (which is also the exclusive specialty of his professional associate), this young physician is an important adjunct to the medical circles of Chattanooga.

Dr. Johnston has spent his entire life on Tennessee soil, aside from his educational quests for the further advancement of his professional training. His father, P. L. Johnston, and his mother, Mary Haskins Johnston, were both born in the Volunteer State. The former was a native of Madisonville, but afterward lived at Benton and served officially as clerk of Polk county; the latter was of Polk county nativity and is now living at Cleveland, Tennessee, her home since her husband's death in 1888, at the age of about thirty-five. Their only son was Ebb Calvin Johnston, the special subject of this review. They were also the parents of a daughter named Alice, who is now Mrs. R, 0. Kibler, the wife of a leading physician of Cleveland.

Benton, Tennessee, was the birthplace of E. C. Johnston, and the initial day of his life was March 22,1882. His general education was pursued in the Cleveland High School, from which he was graduated in 1898, and in the University of Tennessee, where he was engaged in literary, classical and scientific study for the two years of 1898-1900. This general education, however, was only the foundation for E. C. Johnston's more directly purposive training. Having chosen for his life-work that most humanly beneficent of all professions, he next entered the Chattanooga Medical College, where in 1903 he received his degree of Doctor of -Medicine. During the years 1902 and 1903 he profited by the special advantages of being an intern at the Erlanger Hospital. After his graduation he entered his practice here, but at an early date went to the New York Polyclinic, where he completed a post-graduate course in 1905.

When Dr. Johnston established himself in Chattanooga, he became the professional partner of Dr. Cooper Holtzclaw, who is well known here in his eminent capacity as a skilled surgeon. This connection has ever since continued with mutual advantage to the two physicians. In addition to his extensive local practice, Dr. Johnston is assistant surgeon for the Southern Railway and for the Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis Ry. The Tennessee Slate Medical Society is one of the organizations in which Dr. Johnston is particularly interested. He is also a member of the Chattanooga and Hamilton County Academy of Medicine. The medical fraternity of Phi Chi was the collegiate secret society with which he affiliated during student days and with which he still continues the relations of a brother-alumnus.

On February 23, 1911, Dr. Johnston was united in marriage to Miss Madge Good, of Augusta, Georgia. Dr. and Mrs. Johnston reside at 235 Oak Street, in the city of Chattanooga. The Doctor's offices are at 213 E. Eighth St.
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