Benton County


Daniel M. Robbins was the son of Charles and Basheba Culpepper Robbins. He lived and worked in the Lick Creek Community as a blacksmith. He married Cynthia Upchurch. Their children were William Kay (Known as Uncle Kay), John D. (known as Uncle Dee), and Thomas Yancy.

William married Christian Adeline Brewer in 1881. In 1909 they lived in the 23rd district. They left about that time with their seven children, because of the family feuds, that caused so much blood shed later, was already beginning. They moved to Bradley County, Arkansas.

John D. took his family and moved to Stewart County about 1900. He then bought a farm in Houston County, on White Oak Creek, where the Humphrey's County Robinses had originally settled.

Thomas Yancy was born in 1864. He married Mary Mollie Medlock, daughter of Tobe Medlock. Yancy was shot and killed November 2, 1916 another victim of the family feuds that gave the Old 23rd District (Henry County TN) its reputation for violence. Yance and Mary Mollie had 15 children. One of their children was Daniel, born in 1900. He is Charles Robbins father. The Charles that was born in 1920 and who wrote the articles for the Paris Post Intelligencer.

Anderson C. was born in 1868 and died in 1947. He was the fourth son of Daniel M. He moved to Crooked Creek area of Benton County and married Annie Atchison, 1876-1949. Both Annie and Anderson died in Detroit but were buried in Benton County in the Crooked Creek Cemetery. Their children were Zettie, Louie, Nezzie, Eula, Realous, Shell, Cagey and Carley.

Roella was Daniel M.'s first daughter. She was born in 1871. She married Lige Merrell who was killed in an accident, involving a wagon, about 1905. They had one child, Leonard who died in 1938. Leonard married Lola Melton and had three children; Paschall, Berta, and Linnie B. Rouella (both spellings as article) married a second time to Jasper Berry and they had a daughter, Novie.

Cynthia L.V. Robbins; 1874-1915, second daughter of Daniel M. and Cynthia Upchurch. Cynthia married (Bert) Albert O. Merrell. Albert and Lige were brothers. Bert and Cynthia had one son, Raymond Porter, 1898-1972. Porter married Annie Myrtle Akers in 1915. Annie Myrtle was born 1893-1990. Their son, Raymond Howard, was born on January 12, 1916. He married Alice Lavell Wheatley, daughter of Steve Wheatley. Howard and Lavell's children were Charles (Buck), Lowell Howard (Ootie), Eddie, Gary, Leslie, and Douglas. Ootie was killed in the Vietnam conflict. All of the children served some time in the service of our country. Howard was a talented amateur, painter and musician. He died in 1962 from lung problems.

Raymond Porter married the second time to Bertha Ann Berry, daughter of Henry and (Emmie) Emiley Berry. Read about Porter and Bertha's family in the first Benton County History Book or under Merrell Family this edition.

Ronza L. was Daniels seventh child. He was born in 1877. He died as a young man and was never married.

Nora Mackey was Daniel M.'s last daughter. She was born shortly before his death. She married Andrew Westerman. They had no children. (From Families & Histories of Benton County, Tennessee 1836-1992, page 213)

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