First row: Agnes, David M., Fanny and Cynthis J. (Reid) Thomas
Second row: Mary Thomas Smyth, Vernon Reid Thomas and Willie Thomas New

David M. Thomas (b. 10-14-1849, Carroll Co., TN. (d. 7-17-1899) m. Cynthia Jane Reid (b. 2-20-1857, Carroll Co., TN. (d. 4-5-1945, Henry Co., TN) in the home of the bride's mother (Mary Hannah) and stepfather (James S. Johnson) in the Hico Community, Carroll Co., TN where D.M. Thomas farmed, and they reared their family.

D.M. Thomas' parents and both sets of grandparents (James B. and Caroline (Hallum) Thomas, Luke and Eliza (Burradell) Thomas, and Morris and Nancy Marshall Hallum) all lived in the same locality. The families of the bride's parents (John Hannah, John M. Reid, William and James Dinwiddie) lived also in the same general vicinity. The Luke Thomas family moved to KY. from Bertie Co., NC., then from Trigg Co., KY to settle on the west side of the south fork of the Obion R. in Carroll Co., TN. The Hannah family moved to the county from Sumner Co., TN, and the Reids and Dinwiddies came to this area from Madison Co., KY., having come into KY from VA., just after the Revolutionary War. David Marshall, D.M. Thomas' maternal great­grandfather d. (1833, Carroll Co., TN) after coming to the McLemoresville, TN area very early from Wilson Co., TN.

James B. and Caroline H. Thomas d. (4-17-1867 & 3-13-1867) leaving Dave and his seven siblings, (Dick m. Alice Thompson; Nannie m. Ben F. Conyers; Mickie m. Ezekiel Coleman; Luke m. Ada Bennett; Will m. Ethel Reid-sister of David M.'s wife; Bob m. 1. Lizzie Gardner and 3. Addie Stacy-no record of his 2nd wife's name) to care for themselves.

This Civil War Story was told by Fanny T. Billingsley who had heard her father tell it when she was a child. David M. (Mrs. Billingsley's father) found some ammunition, a gun, and other equipment hidden by one of his brothers in the woods who had been paid by one of their uncle's to serve in the CSA in his place. Dave was 11 and intended following his brother and joining the CSA, but did not succeed. Later he learned that his brother would be close to home, and they were planning to meet the Yankees at Johnsonville, TN. Dave slipped off, rode there, and crossed the TN. R.. but was accompanied out of town by the Yankees (on the east side of Johnsonville), scolded and told to go home. He rode south of Johnsonville and crossed the river west where the Confederates were massing and began to look for his brother. He was scolded by the Confederates who thought they had started him home. He crossed and recrossed the river on his horse quite a few times that day, just south of the battle of Johnsonville, each time being caught by Yankees or Confederates who insisted he was too small and young for warfare (he was fourteen-the year, 1864). The only time he had previous knowledge of a conflict close by and he missed it due to not being able to find his brother, and crossing the river so much.

Dave and Cynthia had the following children: Vernon R. (b. 9-10-1880/d. 4-4-1961 m. Azzell Beadles Faughn, widow of Waye Faughn, 11-14-1925); Mary (b. 6-13-1882/d. 1-21-1971 m. Wilburn Smyth 6-27-1928); Willie (b. 5-31-1884/d. 3-25-1975 m. Ruben Burrough New, 11-17-1909); David Marshall, Jr. (b. 5-2-1887/d. 10-10-1907, never married); Lillian Agnes (b. 2-6-1889/d. 8-2-1920, m. Harrison B. Wooten, 7-24-1920); Frances Ella "Fanny" (b. 4-14-1891/d. 10-28-1982, m. M.E. Billingsley, 9-12-1923). Only Vernon and Fanny became parents. Vemon's children were Leona Jane (b. 2-18-1927 m. Tim E. Aden, 6-22-1947) and Jeff David (b. 2-23-1925/d. 6-17-1977 m. Jean Bateman, 6-25-1955). Fanny Billingsley child was Cynthia Jo (b. 11-21-1934 m. James A. Kemp, 10-22-1978).

Leona and Tim Aden's children are Mary Lee (b. 7-24-1948 m. James Hall); Carolyn (b. 1-19-1950 m. John M. Lovelace), Tim E., Jr. (b. 12-7-1950 m. Carolyn Duncan); Thomas Reid (b. 7-30-1957, m. Donna K. Johnson 9-25-1984); Jane (b. 5-18-1963 m. Greg Sutton, 3-28-1984) and Dale Clint (b. 6-2-1969). Mary Lee, Carolyn, Tim, and Tommy are parents.

Jeff D. and Jean Thomas had Jeff David, Jr. (b.2-1-1957) and Cheri Linn (b. 5-16-1959). Both David and Cheri are married and lived in Chattanooga.

Excerpt from Carroll County TN Vol. 1 1987

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