Counties of Tennessee
Carroll County
By Austin P. Foster
Found in the hanging files Lexington TN Library

On October 19, 1818, Andrew Jackson and Isaac Shelby made a treaty with the Chickasaw Indians whereby all their lands east of the Mississippi River were ceded to the United States. Their lands within the limits of Tennessee became the Western District of this state and, on November 7, 1821, an act* was passed entitled, "An act to form and es-tablish new counties west of the Tennessee River." Under the provisions of this act Carroll County was formed and named in honor of Gen. William Carroll, who was governor of the state at that time. It was organized on March 11, 1822, at the house of R. E. C. Dougherty, where the first court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions was held. Huntingdon, near the center of the county, was selected as the county seat, and the first session of the court was held there in a log courthouse on December 9, 1822.

The first settlers came from North Carolina, South Caro-lina, and Virginia, some locating as early as 1820.

This county furnished a company for the War with Mexico and several companies to each side in the War between the States.

Statistics of Carroll County: population, 1920, 24,361. Assessed valuation of taxable property, 1921, $12,243,353. Area, 600 square miles. Number of farms, 4,141. Railway mileage, 68. Drained by Big Sandy and Obion Rivers. Surface generally level, and there is considerable timber. Corn, cotton, wheat, fruits, and live stock are staple products. Fruit-growing and poultry raising are profitable industries. Huntingon, the county seat, has a population of 1,121, has good public and private schools, two newspapers, two banks, electric lights, water works, manufacturing establishments, and stores. Mc-Kenzie, another town, has a population of 1,630 and is on the churches, and prosperous business establishments. Truck-N. C. & St. L. Railroad. It has fine schools, a weekly paper, growing is one of the leading industries in Carroll County. Scholastic population, 8,331; high schools, 10; elementary schools, 90.