Whats Happening in Huntingdon

Huntington Advertiser Huntington, Tennessee (Carroll County) by W. W. GATES Vol. 1, No. 1 Friday Evening, July 5, 1839 Contributed by unknown person on Rootsweb Carroll County List

JAMES M. HENDERSON, attorney at law in Huntington.

W.F. DOHERTY, counselor and attorney at law in Huntington

DR. JOHN SAPPINGTON’s anti-fever and ague pills, fresh and genuine for sale by J. W. GRIZZARD

Sheriff’s Sale of lots that JOHN MCKERNON has interests in, levied at the instance of THOMAS BANKS, former sheriff. JOHN NORMAN, sheriff o Carroll County.

To the creditors of GILES BOWERS, deceased… STEPHEN EASON, administrator of said Bowers…

Huntington Advertiser Huntington, Tennessee 8 June 1842
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Notice - PLEASANT EMERSON and wife, ONEY L. (EDWARD C. TRAVIS, LITTLETON TRAVIS, JOSEPH H. TRAVIS, LUCY E. M. TRAVIS) children of BENJAMIN E. M. TRAVIS by his wife LUCY R., deceased, SPENCER WATERS and wife TABITHA E. and ELIZABETH R. RANDLE, MARY P. RANDLE, PEYTON S. RANDLE, heirs and distributes of WILLIAM RANDLE, deceased.. I shall petition the court for allotment of my dower of the lands of which my late husband, WILLIAM RANDLE, of said county, died, seized and possessed. POLLY P. RANDLE, June 1, 1842

Notice - To WILLIAM L. MAY, ISABELLA L. MAY, NANCY TENNESSEE MAY, MARY EMILY MAY, ELIZA J. MAY, and DILLARD SHOFNER / SHOFFNER, in the right of his wife AMANDA, heirs and distributes of PHILIP MAY, deceased, JAMES ROGERS, guardian… take notice that we will at the next September term… to order and decree that ELIZA JOHNSON, formerly ELIZA MAY, the widow and relic of PHILIP MAY, deceased, have set apart, laid off and allotted to her dower out of the real estate,… PAVATT & ROULSTONE, sol

In Chancery - W. G. PORTER administrator of ANDREW STILL deceased vs BASDEL BROWN and others… HENRY STRANGE C. & M…. that one A. GRIMES for the use and benefit of said defendant BROWN obtained a judgment against the effects of his estate in the circuit court of Perry County Sept. 1841 term… $331.12… one in the name of JOHN RAY for the use of WILLIAM H. STORM for $8000, one in the name of MARY J. WILSON, one in the name of J. G SIMS, one in the name of ARMOUR, LAKE, & OAKLY… B. S. ALLEN, sol.

Chancery Court 0- ROBERT H. HAWTHORN vs JOHN D. CAMP, GEORGE CAMP, H. CAMP… JOHN D. CAMP and GEORGE CAMP are not residents of Tennessee, now in Arkansas… GEORGE CAMP Sr. departed this life in the county of Benton, possessed of several slaves and other property and left HENRY CAMP and JAMES M. CAMP his executors…

Chancery court in Huntingdon - JOHN NORMAN guardian… vs JESSE TAYLOR, ANTHONY H. BROWN… allegations of bill that the mother of the complainants, ELIZABETH R. DRAKE afterwards ELIZABETH DEWBERRY, was owner and possessed a considerable portion of personal estate when she married on June 30, 1830, one ISAAC DEWBERRY, by which it provided that JESSE TAYLOR and ANTHONY H. BROWN should hold the property for the use and benefit of said Elizabeth during her lifetime and to such children that she might have by Dewberry… at the time of said marriage she had the following heirs, JEREMIAH M., SAMUEL B., LUCRETIA, B. and MARGARET, after her marriage she had three Dewberry children ISABELLA, THOMAS, and BENJAMIN, three minors, that in some time in 1840 Elizabeth R. departed this life and the complainants became sole owners of the estate mentioned in said marriage contract.. said TAYLOR and BROWN sold and disposed of the stock and crop, also in violation of their trust, disposed of Negroes, MOSES! and MANERVA, a child of Manerva… sale was made to JESSE BROWN, brother of ANTHONY H. BROWN, ..Manerva had two more children…

Notice - Whereas, my wife, NARCISSA WRIGHT, has left my bed and board without just cause and refuses to return, this is to forewarn all persons from harboring her or trading with her on my account. WINFIELD WRIGHT, June 3, 1842

Caution - I hereby caution the public not to trade for a note given to me by JAMES B. BLAIR for $89.90 with a credit of $10.75 dated Feb. 22, 1842… CHARLES WRIGHT, June 1, 1842

Notice - The members of the county court of Carroll County… establish a poor house.. J. M. HAWKINS

Carroll County Democrat - 21 June 1859
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Little Locals
MISS ONIE KYLE is visiting MISS LOVE HAWKINS this week.
MISS ERNEST KIRKLAND is visiting her sister MRS. COLE at Paris.
CHARLES STRONG of Nashville is visiting his father’s family.
J. R. MCKINNEY of McLemoresville was here on business.
JOHN J. HEAD Jr. is spending the week in Paris.
PROF. J. A BABER is in Paris attending the county teachers’ institute.
CHARLES TOWNES was at Sulphur Springs in Henry County.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. GEORGE H. MCNEILL last Tuesday morning, an 11 pound son.
MRS. JAMES WATSON and JESSE WATSON were here from McLemoresville.
DR. W. M. WRIGHT was called to Camden on professional business.
ISS IDA LIFSEY was at W. H. EASON’s visiting the MISSES ROSSER.
CHARLIE TEACHOUT went to Martin and bought a fine Jersey cow.

J. B. ALGEE of Huntingdon is a candidate for the office of Major General of the 1st Division of the Tennessee Militia… born in Carroll County
ELDER R. L. C. DENTON and wife of Milan are attending the Christian meeting.
JOE HILIARD was here shaking hands with friends.
PRINCE A. HAWKINS of Nashville attended the closing exercises of the Vanderbilt.
Friends of MISS KATE MCNEILL are delighted to have her at home again for the summer.

We understand the following will go to the great Epworth League convention at Chattanooga: REV. J. W. WATERS, E. G. RIDGLEY, L. M. CARTER, CLARENCE HAWKINS, R. K. WARREN, WILL WRIGHT, WARNER HAWKINS, MRS. TOM CARTER, MRS. J. R CARTER, and MISSES LOVE and LULA HAWKINS, and MISS ONIE KYLE.

MRS. ARDIE MCKINNEY HURDLE, county superintendent of public instruction, held an examination of teachers here last Wednesday. About 40 teachers from the various parts of the county stood examination.

PROF. J. W. BLAIR of Huntingdon came last Monday and completed arrangements to teach the school here. Printed in the Camden Chronicle.

MISS MINNIE KERR will leave for her Ohio home following commencement.

O. L. BARLOW expects to return from Adamsville and enter the Scientific Course at the opening of next year. Mr. Barlow is a bright young man and will be a strong member of the new class.

PROF. J. E. KINSLAND, A. B. and A.M. of’94, will have charge of the graded school at Newbern next year. Prof. Kinsland is a strong man and will doubtless bring the Newbern school to the front.

MISS VIOLA LINDHOLM, who taught music in the S.N.U. the fall of 1893, recently paid us a visit. Miss Lindholm has just finished her work for the year at the Howard Institute at Mt. Pleasant, Tennessee. She will return there next year to continue as teacher of instrumental music.

PROF. E. L. MENDENHALL and wife of Paris, Tennessee were among our visitors in the early days of June. Prof. Mendenhall studied Scientific and Classic with the writer for three years. He is a live, energetic, conscientious instructor and has a remarkable acumen for the practical questions of the day.

“Arithmetical Processes” by J. A. BABER, President of Southern Normal University, will be out by September. This aid to the study of arithmetic is intended to go with Ray’s Arithmetic.

A Watery Grave -- A serious accident occurred last Sunday afternoon in the 13th district near Clarksburg in which one child was lost and an entire family made a narrow escape of being drowned. Just after the rain, JOHN CHAMBERS and family undertook to cross Little Bacon Creek which was considerably swollen. The water floated his wagon, turning the family of father, mother, and three children, into the creek…. The cruel waves carried one child, a boy about nine years old, out of reach of his father and to a watery grave… found less than ½ mile from the accident…

MISS SALLIE LEACH, after attending the wedding of her friend, MISS ELLA BELEW at Greenfield, returned home.

MISS EULA BOMAR of Gardner is visited at REV. R. T. BROWN’S. She has many friends here who are glad to see her.

FRANK CHEEK and MISS MARY MOODY, the former from Morganfield and the latter from Hickman, are here the guests of Mr. and Mrs. TOM BOWDEN.

MRS. JAMES DENISON and MISS MISSIE MURRAY of Lexington came to attend the Larimore meeting and visited friends.

NEWT HUMBLE showed us a very fine head of oats this week, grown by THOMAS ORR a few miles east of town. The oat crop is said to be very fine.

Sulphur Wells in Henry County has been made more attractive this year than ever. It is under the management of A. J. WILLIAMS, who recently built a new and commodious hotel.

As we go to press, MRS. J. M. DAVIS is at the point of death. She gave birth to a child last Saturday, took a chill Wednesday, has been consistently goring worse since and is expected to live only a few hours at best.

J. M. ROBERTS was exhibiting here three grades of wheat he is growing on the same quality of ground, which marks very forcibly the fact that it pays to grow the improved grade.

MRS. J. M. CARTER will give a musical and art entertainment at the University next Monday for the benefit of the university hall. Her class will be assisted by MISS FREEMAN of Nashville as vocalist and Messrs. HUNZIKER and FREEMAN as coronetits.

The Democrat failed last week to mention that MRS. GEORGE R. OAKLEY returned home to the delight of her many friends. She had been with her father’s family in Middle Tennessee for several months.

MRS. ANGIE WILLIAMSON and daughters, MISSES CORA, BEULAH, and MAMIE, of Trezevant are attending the Christian meeting.

Memphis Daily Avalanche, 16 Sep 1868 published as: The Daily Memphis Avalanche, page 11
The Union City Herald of the 12th says that a fiendish outrage was committed upon the person of Miss Paralee Jarrett on Monday Morning , about 3 miles from Huntingdon, by two men, supposed to be Irishmen. Miss Jarrett had gone to a distance of two or three hundred yards from the house of her brother-in-law, A H Merritt, where she resides, when she discovered a strange man of sinister appearance near her. As the stranger commenced to get down from the fence, she turned and fled toward the house when she was immediately seized by another who rose from his concealment behind a log. The ruffian then choked her until she was insensible, threatening her many times with a drawn pistol if she made any outcry When her consciousness returned, the villains, their hellish purpose having been accomplished, left her a short distance and were making their escape. The Sheriff and a posse started after the scoundrels, but at last accounts their search was fruitless.

The People’s Paper Huntingdon, Carroll County, Tennessee September 1, 1874
DUG JAMISON, formerly a resident here, is reported as one of the Negroes taken out of jail at Trezevant last week and shot.

Police Court - WILLIAM LEMONS is such a convivial man that he can’t come to town without getting under the influence of his “toddy” and when in this condition, has an irresistible inclination to be noisy and boisterous. He has several times been fined and imprisoned for his conduct. Capt. DOUGLASS found him in this condition a few nights ago and marched him off to jail. The next day he was taken before the Mayor and fined.

Carroll County Democrat - 9 November 1888
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Little Locals
CLYDE MCCLINTOCK of McKenzie was here.
REV. DENTON preached at Bethel in the Forks of the Creek.
MR. GOOCH and family moved into the house on the square vacated by MR. WOOLBURG.
UNCLE JERRY DRAKE moved his wife to town, and they occupy rooms in the JOHNSON brick.
TOM RONEY of the 22nd district has raised Irish potatoes this year that weighed over a pound each.
MRS. LOUIS PORTER of the 6th district, who is over 70 years old, picked 50 pounds of cotton last Friday.
MRS. SALLIE ALMAN of the 8th district, who has been dangerously sick for about 3 weeks, is reported no better.

MRS. LUCY NEWSOME of McKenzie had a stroke of paralysis the first of the week.

COL. JOHN ROBESON had a horse to fall with him last Tuesday and badly hurt one of his feet, which causes him to use crutches.

BOB TAYLOR got one vote in the 25th district. This is the first time in a number of years that a Democrat received a vote in this district.

MRS. E. G. RIDGLEY, after an absence of several weeks visiting relatives in Cincinnati, returned home and made our friend E. G. happy again.

CAWLEY WHITE of the 12th district died last Sunday morning of typhoid pneumonia after a protracted illness of four weeks. He was 23 years old and had only been married about nine months.

G. N. FRIZZELL and wife, J. I. JOHNSON and wife and MRS. M. J. FOSTER of Farmsville, Texas (Farmersville?) are in town on their way to their old home in Henderson County on a visit. They reports crops in the Lone Star state very good.

W. W. MURRAY, who had been claiming that he wanted to sell his matched grays for $500, payable when Harrison was elected, had the opportunity offered him last Monday and he backed down. No doubt he is now kicking himself.

The friends of B. F. HARRISON in Carroll County will be gratified to learn that he has been appointed to the position of deputy clerk of the circuit court of Davidson County. Mr. Harrison is an old Carroll countian where he served for many years as clerk of the circuit court. He is a fine pensman and will creditably fill the position to which he ahs bee assigned.

COL. R. P. COLE was here Saturday.
FRANK BROWN was at home a few days.
J. K. RAMSEY of McKenzie was here Monday.
MRS.DR. W.M.WRIGHT went to Paris to attend the conference.
MISS MAUD SMITH of Clarksburg is visiting MRS. ELLIE JOHNSON this week.
J. R. MCKINNEY of Tiptonville, Tennessee is visiting relatives here.
DAVE WOODS and wife of McLemoresville were visiting at the City Hotel.
JOE WILLIAMS and JOE HAWKINS, after spending several days in town, returned to school.
MRS. W. L. NOEL and children and MISS EVA PRINCE left for Atlanta, Georgia to visit.
ELMORE WATSON went to Jackson last Sunday and remained until Tuesday evening in order to exercise his citizenship by voting the democratic ticket.

City Items
Got to W. T WARREN’S for your oat meal and roll oats.
Cheap lot of fine shirts and gents’ underwear at J. T. FINLEY’S.
See S. N. WILLIAMS’ stock of ladies dress goods.
Buy tombstones and monuments from W. E HAILEY at McLemoresville.

Notice to Creditors
J.C. CHEEK administrator vs A. C ETHERIDGE

Carroll County Democrat Friday, October 11, 1889
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We clip the following item from “The Somerville (Fayette County) Reporter and Falcon,” W. H. McCracken has given up his position in the hardware store of W. H. Leach and will leave tomorrow for his home, Huntingdon. Mr. McCracken has been a resident of our town for nearly four years, and during that time, has made many warm friends, by whom his departure from Somerville is greatly regretted. We are sorry to lose you, Mc, and will always given you a warm welcome to our town.

W. T. Ross, general manager of the Tennessee Phonograph Co., has on exhibition at the bank of Carroll, a phonograph

Acting upon a recent suggestion in these columns, the county court last Tuesday appointed Wm. Johnson, Wm. Spellings, J. M. Garett, G. W. Humble and J. R. McKinney to examine the court house and report as to what changes are feasible in the way of remodeling the building and the probable cost of the same…

Bud McDonald, while returning home from Huntingdon last Monday night, happened to what came near proving a serious accident.

On Oct. 1, while G. W. Vickers and W. W. Gee were repairing the Masonic Hall by putting a new sill under the north side, they discovered where the weatherboarding had been prized loose and paper and kindling put in and fire set to it, but it burned very little…

W. G. Crockett is on the sick list.

DR. Enochs is confined with typhoid fever.

John Palmer paid out $950 last Monday for school purposes.

Six Negroes were baptized Tuesday evening by Parson Edwards

Eugene Hawkins, after a serious illness, is able to be about again.

Chancellor A. G. Hawkins is holding court at Lexington (Henderson County) this week.

Several members of Robert Young's family are sick.

Mrs. Ernest Hawkins presented her husband with a fine girl baby Wednesday night.

W. M. Barker of Oklahoma has been sick at his father’s in this county for some time.

E. G. Ridgley's delivery horse ran away yesterday, considerably damaging the wagon and harness.

Henry Dildy has opened a restaurant in the old McCracken building on the north side of the square.

R. T. Fowler has about finished his brick kiln, and will fire it next wee. It contains about 250,000 bricks.

Miss Odie Sanders was baptized Sunday by Rev. G. L. Ellis, pastor of the Baptist Church at this place.

There are plenty of squirrels in Obion bottom. They are cutting hickory nuts and quite wild.

Memorial services at the Methodist church next Sunday morning at 10:00 in memory of Mrs. Polly Briant.

Luther Finley, a first class carpenter of Moscow, Kentucky, is building a nice house for John Rogers in the 9th district.

The prosecution in the case of the state vs. Sexton has been withdrawn.

Hawkins & Hunziker are erecting a blacksmith shop on the Jack McCollum lot between the Bank of Huntingdon and Hendrick & Co.

A. S. Brevard, A. M. Lee and G. W. Humble sold their half Norman horse to Sam Sparks of the ninth district for the handsome sum of $500.

Alfred Briant requests us to return his thanks to his friends for their acts of neighborly kindness during the recent illness and death of his wife.

Nathaniel Brewer, a former citizen of this county, died at the home of his son William Brewer in Henderson County, Oct. 2, at the age of 78.

The following marriage licenses have been issued since Oct. 5: T. W Leach to Nannie Elder, Lee Gooch to Bettie Jamison, J. M. Gilkey to Bettie Ezzell, Genie Null to Sallie Anderson.

W.E. Algee, formerly of this place, has been promoted by the Atlanta & Florida railroad company to the office of auditor. His many friends here will be glad to hear of his promotion.

The Baptist association meets today at Holly Springs, F. D. Sanders, Ben Butler, and J. B. Gilbert were selected as delegates from this place.

The election of R. M. Lee as coroner by the county court last Monday is a good one. If it though that if Monroe will take hold of this office and properly work it up, it can be made to pay well.

Tom Grogan came near meeting with a serious accident last Tuesday morning. He was standing before the fireplace in the rear of Jasper Tate's saloon when the hearth gave way, letting him and the fire all fall through into the cellar, a distance of about ten feet. One of the dog irons struck him on the head, and he received a few scratches, but nothing serious.

Rufe McClain visited McKenzie Tuesday.

W. A. Taylor of Jackson was here Monday.

Harve Humphrey is at home for a few days.

Miss Mattie Carnes left Sunday for Searcy, Arkansas.

R. F. Truslaw and wife visited McKenzie.

Col. T.H. Baker left Friday for Washington City.

Miss Carpa Perry was in town shopping.

M. Lusky left Saturday for the east to purchase goods.

Bob McKinney of McLemoreville was in town Monday.

Ernest Hawkins has returned from Washington, D. C.

Dr. B.G. Gorden of Macedonia was on our streets Monday.

J. R. Hawkins went to McKenzie on legal business.

Dr. T.R. Wingo of near Trezevant was here.

N. B. Lipe and William Spellings of McKenzie were in town Monday.

Mrs. Emma Quinn of McKenzie is visiting A. D Bryant's family.

Ella Newton and Ruth Wingo of McLemoresville visited town Monday.

Z. George of Macedonia and W. W. Stephenson of Tiffin, Ohio were in town Tuesday.

Edgar Ezzell, a “knight of the grip,” was here interviewing our merchants.

Charles Shelton of the Republican is visiting his family at Covington this week.

Misses Fannie & Minnie Spellings of Buena Vista paid our town a visit.

Frank Vickers was in town the first of the week. He is on his way back to Omaha, Nebraska.

Effie Gilbert, a charming young lady of Kentucky, is visiting Mrs. J. P. Wilson on Jackson Street.

Misses Mattie Williamson and Mary Etheridge of Trezevant visited Mrs. E. H. Johnson this week.

J. W. Belew of Clarksburg was here prospecting, with a view of moving to this place.

William Humphrey has returned from an extended visit to his son-in-law R. T. Anderson at Eagle Hill, Arkansas.

Photographs - H. M. STIGLEMAN, the champion photographer, does all kinds of photographic work, both large and small, and will go anywhere to do view work of all kinds. Call at my gallery on the south side, square, Huntington, Tennessee and get prices.

At the Depot - E. B. TEACHOUT handles a full line of pine flooring, ceiling, weatherboarding, finishing lumber, moulding, brackets, etc.

More Lots for Sale - E. B TEACHOUT wishes to inform the people that he has a number of desirable lots for sale at bargains.

For Sale - A number one repaired engine, suitable for threshing or ginning purposes. In good shape, address J. D. HERRON, McKenzie.

Eureka Coal - The cleanest, cheapest and best coat every offered in Huntington. Give your orders to F. PRIEST & Son, agents.

Married on the 23rd by WILLIAM THARPE, esq., MR. ELISHA BENNETT to MISS MARGARETTA HORTON, daughter of WILLIAM HORTON, esq. -- all of this county.

Died in this country on the 5th, MRS. NANCY FLEWELLIN, aged 86 years. On the 31st, MISS PHEBE BUTLER.

Notice in the estate of THOMAS MCGILL, deceased

Negro Girl for Sale, belonging to the minor heirs of STOKELEY H. ENOCHS, deceased. A. N. HOPKINS, ENOCH ENOCHS, guardians.

Notice all persons indebted to HAYWOOD BLEDSOE, deceased… JOHN K. CLARK, executor of Haywood Bledsoe…

9 Valuable Negroes for sale formerly property of DAVID & JONATHAN MOORE deceased, by SAMUEL J. NESBITT, executor of Jonathan Moore, and THOMAS BANKS, executor of David Moore

Wanted 5000 pounds of good bacon to be delivered to Point Mason on Tennessee River by the first day of April. W. W. GATES

Endorsements for pills prepared by JOS. PRIESTLY PETERS, M. D. by T. H. HARRIS, M. D.; J. D. BOYD, M. D. at Mecklinburg, Virginia. Sold in Huntington by JOHN & JOHN K. CLARK, in McLemoresville by W. B. MARSHALL, in Paris by ARMOUR, LAKE & OAKLEY, in Macedonia by WILLIAM B. MOORE, in Hico by L. J. MCNEILL.

State of Tennessee - JAMES L. TOTTEN for the use of THOMAS CRAWFORD vs. SAMUEL J. CARMAN, WILLIAM G. HOGAN, ARETUS W. HICKS, executor of JNO. W. COOK, deceased, AMERICA and LOUISA COOK, minor heirs and NANCY COOK


YOUNG B. BRANTLY vs. MELINDA BRANTLY, petition for divorce

Negroes for sale… in the case of WINNIFRED BRITT and others, heir at law of JAMES J. BRITT deceased, … THOMAS H. HAYS, guardian of minor distributes of estate… to sell SILAS, DARCAS, and an infant of Darcas for $700.75. ANGELISE for $400, SAM for $336.12, HONOR for $338.25...

Negroes at public sale… heirs at law of SAMUEL HARRISON deceased… slaves ANNIS and ADALINE…

Sheriff’s sale … in favor of SAMUEL DICKINS against JESSE TAYLOR…. Land … R. B. JONES, sheriff of Henderson County

Sheriff’s sale,… in favor of JOHN SHEPPARD and one in favor of JOHN SHAW & Co., against JOEL BAKER…

Sheriff’s sale… that JOHN JOHNSON … JAMES W. HOWARD and others

Notice … estate of SOLOMON KEYKENDALL deceased…

Sheriff’s sale in court of Perry County… WILIAM WELCH, sheriff

Stray in Carroll County, taken up by STEPHEN MCADOO, in Huntington, one iron gray horse…

Matchless Sanative… a supply of Matchless Sanative just received and for sale by JO. T. DUDLEY, P. M. at Christmasville, Ten.

Tennessee Republican - 26 January 1894
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Running for Election
HON. JOHN R. BOND for re-election to the circuit judge for the 18th district
HON. W. W. WADE for re-election to office of attorney-general of the 18th district
R. ROGERS as candidate for registrar of Carroll County
S. A. BROWN as candidate for registrar of Carroll County
J. S. BROWNING as candidate for registrar of Carroll County
W. E. BOWERS as candidate for registrar of Carroll County
HUGH CALDWELL as candidate for registrar of Carroll County
M. F. FRY for county court clerk
W. A.MASSEY for county court clerk
W. D. WOODS for county court clerk
SCOTT BENNETT for county court clerk
W. CARTER for trustee
G. W. STACY for trustee
ED LEACH for trustee
J. W. BLAIR for circuit court clerk
JON T. HILL for circuit court clerk
G. E WILSON for circuit court clerk
L. A. MOODY for sheriff of Carroll County
S. CHAMBERS for sheriff of Carroll County
JOHN M. RHODES for sheriff of Carroll County
JUDGE A. G. HAWKINS for chancellor

W. G. KIRK of Hollow Rock was here.
W. H. LOWRY of the Rock was here on business.
MRS. NANNIE FALLS has been on the sick list.
SCOTT BENNETT’s boy is sick.
RUFE MCCLAIN was in town to attend the WILLIAMS-HAWK wedding.
MISS FRISTOE of Mayfield, Kentucky has returned here to enter the S.N.U.
HUGH PETTUS left for Hollow Rock.
DALTON’s Stave Factory… WILSON S. PREWITT, manager.
MRS. RUFE MCCLAIN returned to her home at Jackson after visiting relatives here.
COLLINS hired POMP COCHRAN, the old reliable, to work for him.

T. H. BAKER Jr of the South Pittsburg Republican was visiting home folks last week. Tom is making his paper the leading organ for East Tennessee.

W. B. FRAY has purchased the house belonging to GEORGE MCCALL and now being used as his office.

SHERRIFF ROBESON arrested THOMAS KIZER in Hollow Rock. He was indicted by the grand jury for disturbing public worship.

MISS HATTIE SCOTT returned home from a pleasant visit with MISS MAUDE MURRY at Huntingdon where she was the guest of MRS. JUDGE W. W. MURRAY. Printed in the Lexington Progress.

MRS. NANNIE CARTER and daughter GERTRUDE arrived from Tullahoma to make their future home here. To Dr. Carter and family, we extend a hearty welcome. Mrs. Carter will teach the art class at the S.N.U. beginning next Monday.

ALFRED PRICE’s boy, about 12 years old, came near getting killed at the stave factory Monday. His arm caught in a belt and he was carried up to the pulley and dropped from there, striking his face, knocked senseless for awhile, but not seriously hurt.

MISS E. HAWKINS, one of Huntingdon’s most beautiful and accomplished young ladies, returned home Monday after spending several weeks with relatives and friends at Waverly. While here, Miss Hawkins figured prominently in the SLAYDEN-PICKARD nuptials and at the Christian Endeavor meeting. Printed in the Sentinel.

Tuesday morning, VATES ROBERTS of the 12th district came to town and reported that Monday night, while he and his family were spending the night at his brother-in-law’s place, some unknown parties went to his house and broke every window, entered and broke every dish, took five large feather beds and cuts the ticks, strewing the feathers over the wood pile. They broke his bed steads, tables, chairs… The fiends went to his smokehouse and took all the meat, slashed and hacked it up, except for ten missing hams. Then visited the poultry roost and killed all the chickens, turkeys and geese they could catch. Then they visited DALTON’s factory, tearing down fences, cutting the belts and tearing down one smoke stack…

Insolvent Notice - J. D. COPELAND, deceased…by W. H. ROBESON, administrator
Insolvent Notice - NANCY SIMMONS, J. V. STANDFIELD, administrator

YOUNG & FINLEY, distiller agents and dealers in ROBERTSON, HENRY, and LINCOLN County Whiskies

M. E. WRIGHT has opened on the south side of the public square, a harness, saddle, and repair shop…

Carroll County Democrat Friday, October 18, 1889
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MRS. KORMAN returned from Nashville.

MISS INDIA GILL, a charming lady from Mississippi, is visiting her uncle, NEILL SCOTT.

MRS. BEAUMONT, nee MISS DOMNA BROOKS of Europe, has been visiting the family of MRS. SIS BROOKS.

PROF. BROWN, our ex-postmaster, who has been contemplating moving to Memphis, has given up the idea and will live in McKenzie. He is building a nice cottage near Bethel College.

JNO. HARRIS of Indian Territory, who is visiting relatives here, will soon return accompanied by his wife and son. His daughter, MISS EVA HARRIS, will remain at McKenzie and attend McTyeire Institute.

The serious illness of MRS. DUPONT, the wife of the Baptist minister, is universally regretted.

The L.A.S. met with MRS. LOU COLLIER Monday afternoon. Resolutions on the death of MRS. SALLIE MOORE, a former member, was read and adopted.

Carroll County Democrat - 4 June 1895
Contributed by unknown person at Rootsweb Carroll County List Several couples of young people chaperoned by Mr. and Mrs. L. E. BREVARD spent a few hours very pleasantly on the grounds of the Huntingdon Fishing Club. The party arrived at the mill at 5:30 Wednesday evening, sent an hour rowing on the pond, shooting target rifles, talking, singing, and amusing themselves in various ways. A most excellent supper was then spread by the young ladies and richly enjoyed by all, after which the return trip to town was made, arriving in time to see the fire. The parties were: L. E BREVARD and wife; PRINCE A. HAWKINS and MISS DELANY WHITE, HUGH R. HAWKINS and MISS CORA TOWNES, J. B GILBERT and MISS MINNIE LEE KERR, JAMES MCN. WRIGHT and MISS VIOLA LINHOLM, JNO. J. HEAD and MRS. NANNIE YOUNG, L. M. CARTER and MISS LINNIE MCCRACKEN, W. L. FOWLER and MISS SALLIE LEACH, C. M. WATSON and MISS WILLIE WATSON.

Last Wednesday night, while services at the churches were in full blast, the alarm of fire was given… the barns of MRS. F. PRIEST were soon located as the scene… loss of less than $1,000. MRS. WILDER’s property was also somewhat damaged…

The following was taken from Wednesday’s American, will be of interest to Mr. Parmer’s many friends in this county: A very quiet marriage ceremony was performed at 7:45 last night at the residence of S. E. PARMER, 120 North Summer Street, by REV. R. K. BROWN, which united the lives of MISS LIZZIE ALMA GENTRY and CLINT L. PARMER. Only a few friends were present, and after the simple, but impressive marriage service was over, the bride and groom left for Mobile to visit relatives of the groom. From there they go to Sherman, Texas to make their home. The bride is a daughter of the late DR. R. E. GENTRY, and is endowed with all the graces which go to make true womanhood, and is quite popular with a large circle of friends. Mr. Parmer is a brother of W. O. PARMER of the Cumberland Racing Club, and is the Texas representative of BRUTON & CONDON. He is widely known in Nashville which is his former home.

BILL WORSHAM, who was so badly hurt three or four months ago, was in town last Saturday for the first time since the accident. He is able to go with only one crutch.

SHERIFF CHAMBERS received a telegram to take his prisoners to Jackson, only two, R. F. TRUSLOW an ED RAWLS.

MRS. MCCORKLE of Newbern and MISS LOU JONES of Trezevant were here attending the protracted meeting.

TOM JAMISON, PRIEST CLARK and wife, WILLIAM JOHNSON, JESSE WATSON, and others from Clarksburg were attending the meeting here.

CLINT HAYNES, JOHN MARSHALL, HAYWOOD SCATES, and ARTHUR DINWIDDIE of McKenzie came for the K. of P. decoration services.

J. T CLARK and sister MISS CLEO will return this week from a visit at Monterey, Mexico, San Antonio, Houston and Galveston, Texas. They attended the T. P.A. convention at San Antonio.

Residence of JOHN B. WARREN of Lavinia burned… house belonged to B. A. DENNEY, who has recently purchased the place, but the contents belonged to MR. WARREN who had gone to Oklahoma. There was no insurance. R. K. WARREN went to Lavinia when he heard of the fire.

DON M. BUFORD, a deputy sheriff, was killed near Covington last Saturday. He… tow pistol shots to his head… he had attacked a thief who was making away with some corn he had stolen

Land Sale - CHARLES and BOSE LEACH vs R. J. and M. L. SEYMORE… land bordered on the west by land of J. C. TATE, on the north by T. S HAWBARGIES, on the east by WIDOW BURROW, on the south by BILL RAGLAND

MRS.ALF WARBRITTON presented her husband with a fine boy last Friday.


W. H. CARTER and wife moved to themselves and are now keeping house. They are occupying the Courts place on East Paris Street.

J. E. PERRY was in town, working on a horse collar that he has been using for 24 years and says it is good for 2 or more years yet.
REV. WILLIAM BROWN preaches at Bethel, in the Forks of the Creek, next Sunday.
M. F. FRY bought the I. S. ENOCH’s farm 2 ½ miles east of town, paying $2,000 cash for it.
Mrs. NANNIE YOUNG’s Sunday school class and several friends spent Monday at Hico picnicking.
JOE WILLIAMS had the shelves in his business house remodeled.
JUDGE L.L. HAWKINS is quite sick.
E. FALKNER went to Gleason on business.
E. L. NALL of Trezevant was here.
W. F SCATES, marshal of McKenzie, was here.
MISS SUSIE MCLEARY of Gadsen will here to visit Mrs. Dr. ENOCHS.
MRS. S. J. CHAMBERS and children went to Martin to visit relatives.
ELIAS SANDERS of Martin is visiting his father’s family here.
MRS. U. W. SCOTT went to Kentucky to visit her father who continues quite sick.
R. E BOBBITT and wife of Atalia, Alabama are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. FALKNER.
S. J. FLETCHER and wife of McKenzie attended the protracted meeting here.
DR. G. L. LAWS was here from Wildersville to hear ELDER LARIMORE preach.
Mr. and Mrs. PRIESTLEy of Greenfield were guests of the J. P. PRIESTLEY family.
E. E MUSE and wife and FRANK BUCK and wife of Lexington came to attend the Christian meeting.
REV. W. H. TRIBBLE, pastor of the First Baptist Church at Jackson, has resigned to accept a call at Charlottesville, Va.
JOHN NEWSOM, colored, who shot and killed his wife near Newsom Station, was judged guilty.
An explosion at the Clarksburg Ice Factory last Monday, badly hurt the engineer, WILLIAM OVERTON.
BOB BEAVERS, charged with malicious stabbing, came before the court… Paris Press.