History of Bethel Community
1821 - 1986

Bethel Community is land once owned by the Carrolls and McAdoos. It is between Beaver and Crooked creeks.

Bethel Missionary Baptist Church is in the center of the Community. A grocery store owned by the Carters is now closed. The old store was near the Carter homeplace, later Charles Carter built a store on the old McKenzie Highway. Bob Malone built a store on the new Hwy. 22; later selling it to the Carters. Then a newer building as built and is still there. The older building was recently torn down as a Homecoming 86' project by the Bethel Extension Homemaker and concerned friends. This ground was made into a Mini park and was dedicated June 22, 1986.

The first school east of the church was on the Carter farm serving until 1912. It and the Warbritton school consolidated and became Bethel about 1914. Bethel was discontinued in 1955 and the children bused to Huntingdon.

Carter Cemetery was started by John Morgan Carter burying two of his Children close to home. The Bethel Cemetery was started in 1941 with the burial of Mrs. Mattie Woodward. A colored Cemetery northeast of Carter's store had remains of the Ransom Family. The Negro people have a church and cemetery known as St. Paul on the old McKenzie Hwy.

The McAdoo cemetery is located on a hill east of the L & N Railroad. People of the community and early settlers would bury their families on the hill. Early graves are marked with sandstones. The oldest dated monument is James G. McAdoo 1809-1824. There aer monuments of soldiers and Sidney Gibson, a WW I veteran.

There are many family burial grounds all but forgotton, one of these being Crawford Cemetery.

Jim Smith made furniture an dlived in the community. The railroad was begun in 1855 and completed in 1867. The Huntingdon to McKenzie blacktop (Hwy 22) was completed in 1925. Electric power was extended to the community in 1948.

Mac Bennett operated a store near where the Katheryn McCormick store is now. The store building, not in operation, was built by Manuel McCormick, later operated by Clarence Woodard, H.D. Seratt, Calvin Blackwell, Mr. Brown and Charles Woodward.

Many new families have moved to this community, several loved ones have passed away but the Bethel Community continues to be a shinning light in Carroll County.

Excerpt from Carroll County TN Carroll Co Homecoming 1986