Carroll County TN

Contributed by Janet Ross

Back Row: Tall lady is Eula Hargrove, Boy next to her is A. C. (Archie Curnel/Colonel Hargrove
Middle row is Clara Hargrove, then J. R. James Jerome Hargrove the older man,
the older lady is Martha Elizabeth Kirk Hargrove,
then standing in the front is Lavina and Vonnie is in her mothers lap, Lillian was not born yet.

Hargrove History

Dalphy Mae (Hargrove) Ross grew up in Buena Vista TN on the Hargrove Farm.
Dalphy, Archie Curnel, James Jerome (J.R.) and James Monroe (J.M.) all lived there.
Hargrove Lane is a street named for our Hargrove family in Buena Vista, Tn.
After Mertie Lee (Hollowell) Hargrove died the farm was sold to Dr. Van Well of Memphis, Tennessee.
James Jerome Hargrove and his dad J.M. Hargrove is buried at Oak Grove grave yard in Carroll County TN. His son Archie Curnel Hargrove is buried there as well. Martha Elizabeth (Kirk) Hargrove is buried at Oak Grove Cemetery in Carroll County TN. Her mother had the same name and she is buried in Liberty Methodist Church Graveyard in Benton Co. TN

Hargrove Information from Janet

In the early 1800's on the C.C. Smith property bounded on the West by A. C. Hargrove Land, Hammett track north of Blounts Creek there was located Bethel Baptist Meeting House. They baptized in the Hammett Ditch and a cemetery was located near it. Mom said she and her sisters did remember seeing some graves on their property.

They used the old Hammett House for storing farm supplies and cotton and such. There is no sign of it now, but it was there in the past. It might have been a part of Oak Grove Church. We are very close to where Garretsburg used to be, my grandfather used to talk about it quite a bit. You would never know there was a mill town there at this point. The long bridge is long gone also. On McKee Levee Road that used to be Pond Branch Road, they changed the name of the road.

Papa bought the Robinson place about the year of 1918 or 1919 after the first year of marriage. Bethel Church, 41 acres. Papa had a dream of owning the Old Home Place. Leola said that mama said that papa wanted the place with a passion. Leola is sure that Grandpa Hargrove helped with the money to buy the Robinson Place. Mama and Papa traded farm's with Grandpa and moved back home.

The pump organ was there because us girls fooled with it, he gave it to the Norden girls. There were 4 Hargrove daughters. Papa thinks that James M Hargrove's wife Lydia was buried in the liberty grave yard without a marker. James Monroe was a patent medicine Dr. and served the people riding on horse back. Leola is the oldest daughter of Archie Curnel and Mertie Lee Hollowell Hargrove. The Hammett Place was 87 7/10 acres drainage land more or less. to be excluded. C.C.Smith Farm was 125 acres. 250 acres original in both tracts of land. more or less. Jerome Hargrove bought this land in 1886. This land was just below the Old Joshua Butler Mill Site.

I believe they rented the property and farmed it before they purchased it. The C.C. Smith and Hammett famile's. Later they bought the Jim Robinson Place also. Dalphy Hargrove Ross my mother was born there in 1920. Lillian Hargrove married Neil Butler, they lived there for many years. She was James Jerome and Martha Elizabeth Kirks youngest child. He was a well know preacher in Carroll County, Tennessee.

Old log Cabin where the Hargrove's lived

New Home There were 2 cabins. Then the new home was built later.
Trees were cut and the house was built with the lumber from their farm.
They were self sufficient on the farm.

Many good times were enjoyed at this home.

1959 -- Oh those watermelons were something else.

Leola, Dalphy. Florine, and Carline Hargrove.

Curnel and Mertie Hargrove sitting on the steps of their new home.

Archie Curnel and Mertie Lee (Hollowell) Hargrove

Drury Hargrove was born in Montogmery Co., Tn before 1810 and died after 1870. He m Francis Taylor before 1850. Children were James Monroe Sr. b. 1833 d. 1905 and Taylor Hargrove. After Frances' death he moved to Dickson Co. and m Charity Narcissie Brown who died after 1900, Humphreys Co., children: Timothy Brown Hargrove, and William Collier b. 1851 m Martha E. Adams in 1876.

James Monroe Sr. born in Hardin Co, KY m Lydia West b 1823. In the 1880 census, Benton Co. wife was deceased, he lived in the 5th district, house 48, and was 46. Children were: Mary b. 1855 d. 1916, Jane b. 1855 d. 1920, Jerome (J.R.) b. 1859 d 1936, Will b 1862 d 1949, Mandy (buried in Dyersburg Cemetery), Rosa b 1865 d 1943, Belle b 1868. After Lydia's death James m Augusta Ford Fur, a widow with three children: Bob, Dexter, and Chessie (Fur). Children to this union were: James Monroe Jr.(Jim) b 1888 d 1945 and Jenny Hargrove Hardin (Annie Guy).

James Monroe's children families are as follows: Mary m Alf Register, children: Archie and Nora. After Alf's death she m George Ashby, children: Nogie, Sissy, and Eva. George children by first marriage: Carmie, Elex, and Della. Jane m. Jacob Cooper, no children to this union. Jacob's children by his first wife Martha Brackins were: Mary Jane, Susan Emiline, Betty Ann, Charles Preston, John Green, William Thomas, Luada Gertrude, and Martha Paralee. Jerome m Martha Elizabeth Kirk 1888 b 1869 d 1922, children: Eula b 1889 d 1968, Archie Curnel b 1892 d 1980, Clara b 1896 d 1928, Lavina b 1899 d 1905, Vonnie b 1902 d 1977, Lillian b 1906. Will m Henretta Benton b 1871 d 1923, children: Graden b 1898 d 1965, Thomas Oder b 1896 d 1960, Minnie b 1900 d 1956, Vallie b 1904 d 1929, Elmer b 1912. Mandy m Harve Medaris, children m: Allie and Jim. Rosa m Luther Bridges Sr. child: Luther Bridges Jr., Luther Sr. died and she m William V. Robinson, children: Claude b 1895, Ethel b 1900, Vennie and Lillian (Lil) b 1904. Bell m Ernest Townsend, child: Earnest Townsend Jr., they divorced and she later m Harve Webb, children: Commie and Odell. James Monroe Jr. (Jim) m Eva Roland, children: Eva Mae b 1914, Leaborn b 1912 d 1919, Lindel b 1916, Camilla b 1918, Maudell b 1920, Neil b 1922. Billie Joe b 1939. Jenny m Enoch Hardin, children: Nannie, Jim and Hal.

James Monroe's grandchildrens families: Archie Register m Ollie Rogers daughter: Estie Ripley. Nora Register m Abe Butler, children: Albert, Alma, Exie, Emma, Ruth, Mildred, Ava Mae, Lillie and Donnie. /Nogie Ashby m Vonnie Robinson children: Curtis, Cluster, Alta, Wayne, Milburn, J. D. and Lois. /Sissy Ashby m William Rogers (Will), children: Clyde, Paul, Kate, Gilbert, Houston, Ray and Bruce./ Eva m Harrison Nolen child: Arabia Nolen/ Eula m Chester Cole 1910 b 1886 d 1964, children: Lilliy b. 1911 d 1982, Milburn b 1916, Othera b 1912, Chestine b 1914, Tulis (Bob) b 1929, Betty Jean b 1917, and Frankie b 1932./ Archie Curnel m Mertie Lee Hollowell 1916 b 1896 d 1972, children: Leola Dell b 1917, Dalphy Mae b 1920,

Florine b 1922, Carline b 1923./ Clara m Foster Norden 1914, b 1886, children: Pauline b 1916. Lottie b 1923, Cannie b 1919, and Sue 1929./ Vonnie m. Alonzo Norden 1919, children: Bernice b 1922, Claudine b 1924, Lonell b 1933, Weldon b 1927./ Lillian m Rev. Neil Butler 1922, b 1904 d 1986, children: Leland Everett b 1928, Lorelle b 1923, Myron Timothy b 1943./ Graden m Minnie Taylor b 1902 child: Sue Tubbs b 1931./ Thomas Oder m Eva Mae McDowell 1931, b 1905 d 1970 child: Delama Nell Heiser b 1932./ Minnie m Olger Dickerson b 1894 d 1948. She gave the money to build McCauley's Chapel, Buena Vista, Rd., both are buried there in the cemetery./Vallie m Jessie Prater 1924, b 1900 d 1982, child: James Prater b 1927/ Elmer married Tescue Jones 1933, child: Joann b 1939 d 1943./ Luther Bridges Jr. m Bennie Hicks, children: L. T., Fern, and Orda./ Claude Robinson m Ela Horn children: J. D. and Maxine Payne./ Ethyl m a Perdue./ Vinnie m Garvin Rogers, child: Billie Lopez./ Lillian m Paul Pratt Williams./ Eva Mae m Connie Barker, children: Charlies, Joe, Neal, and Ronald Lee./ Lindel m Margie Helsie, children: Jimmy, and Lindel Louis./ Camilla m Raymond Neal Sr.. children: Frances Stringer, Carolyn Noles, Robert James. Raymond Lawrence Jr., Judy Carol Hurt, and Jerry Lee Neal./ Maudell m James Walton King, child: James Walton Jr. second marriage to William Weatherford, no children./ Neil m Dorothy Colley, children: Tommie, Dottie, Lee, Micheal, Christopher, and Teresa Marie./ Billie Joe m Jennie Herrin.

James Monroe live with his children the last few years of his life. He was a patent medicine doctor and rode a hourse to serve the country people. Research done by Micheal Colley Hargrove, Dalphy Ross, Theda Ross and Janet Ross

- Contributed by Janet Ross (Submitted by Theda Ross)

Life on the Curnel Hargrove Farm

Dalphy and her friend with the mule and hay wagon

Rev. Neil Butler is the second (on the left side) - Husband of Lillian V. Hargrove

Archie Curnel and Cullie Nolen and Mertie Lee (Hollowell) Hargrove and Angie Nolen

Leola, Florine, Carline, Mertie Lee Hollowell Hargrove, Dalphy,
and A.C. Archie Curnel/Colonel Hargrove.

Archie Curnel Hargrove and Rev. Neil Butler in the Cotton Field.

Cotton picking time in Carroll County.

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