Chester County, Tennessee
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Alexander Cemetery 352635N 0884216W aka Temple
Henderson, TN
Antioch Cemetery 352153N

Located north of Silerton. Turn left off Hwy 125 N on Bethel RD. Go 4.1 miles turn right on Eaton Road, go 1 mile. Cemetery is on the right along side the black top road.
Bailey Cemetery     Jacks Creek, TN - Located between Johnson's Crossroads and Hwy. 100
Barton Cemetery      
Benson Cemetery      
Bethel Cemetery 352313N 0884803W  
Brown Cemetery 353310N 0883306W  
Brummer Cemetery      
Cabo Cemetery 352528N 0882743W Enville
Cagle Cemetery      
Carroll Cemetery 352652N 0882511W Enville
Cason Cemetery 352105N 0884218W Masseyville
Cave Springs 351958N 0884320W Masseyville
Chester County Memorial Garden 352436N 0883828W  
Clarks Creek Cemetery 352938N 0883232W Jacks Creek
Dean Cemetery      aka Jaybird Cemetery
Dickie Cemetery      
Estes Cemetery Cemetery 352309N 0883846W Henderson
Friendship (New)      
Friendship (Old)     Masseyville
Frys Point Cemetery 353049N 0883323W Luray
Fyre Cemetery 352141N 0884444W Masseyville
Grove Springs Cemetery 352629N 0882418W Enville
Haltoms Chapel Cemetery 352105N 0884457W Masseyville
Hamlett Cemetery 352922N 0883101W aka Trice. Jacks Creek
Harmony Cemetery 352346N 0883752W Henderson
Hart Cemetery 352727N 0883319W Jacks Creek
Hearn Chapel 352455N 0884421W Henderson
Henderson City 352622N 0883843W  
Hickory Grove 352038N 0884807W  
Holly Springs 352955N 0883507W Jacks Creek
Hunter Cemetery 352620N 0884155W Henderson
Hurst Cemetery 351717N 0884355W Masseyville
Jacks Creek Unknown Unknown  
Johnson Cemetery 352358N 0882432W Enville
Jones Cemetery 353000N 0882951W  
Little Hatchie 351638N 0884317W Masseyville
Massengill Cemetery 352549N 0883143W Jacks Creek
Masseyville Cem.      
McGee Cemetery      
Memory Gardens      
Mifflin (New)      
Mifflin (Old) 353300N 0883445W  
Montezuma Cemetery 352412N 0884126W Henderson
Moss Cemetery 352610N 0882850W Enville
Mount Pleasant 353344N 0883645W  
New Montezuma 352338N 0884126W  
Oak Grove Cemetery



Old Center 352119N 0884837W  
Old Estes      
Old Friendship 352144N 0883855W  
Old Jacks Creek     Henderson-Chester County line
O'Neal Cemetery      
Owens Cemetery 352246N 0884557W  
Palestine Cemetery      
Pine Bluff Cemetery 351831N 0884416W Masseyville
Pisgah Cemetery 352654N 0884054W Henderson
Pleasant Springs Cemeter 352505N 0884723W  
Rhodes Cemetery     Noble's Road
Robinson Cemetery 352404N 0883351W Jacks Creek
Roby Cemetery 352752N 0882354W Enville
Roger Cemetery     Henderson
Roger Cemetery 352019N 0884134W Masseyville
Rogers Cemetery 352521N 0883940W Masseyville
Smith Cemetery 352701N 0883715W Enville
Stewart Cemetery 352812N 0882630W  
Sweetlips Cemetery 352357N 0883114W  
Tabler Cemetery      
Thomas Cemetery      
Trinity Cemetery      
Unity Cemetery 353021N 0883040W  
VanTreese Cemetery      
Wamble Cemetery 352209N 0884221W  
Weaver Cemetery 352147N 0884204W  
Webb Cemetery      
Weeks Cemetery      
Wheatley Cemetery      
Woodlawn Cemetery 352332N 0882555W Enville
Woodville Cemetery Unknown Unknown  


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