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Town of Decaturville

Decaturville, the present seat of Justice was selected and deeded to Samuel McLoed, Samuel Brasher, Balsam Jones and David B. Funderburk in 1847. The site embraced an area of thirty-five acres. The first settler in the place was Gilbert McMillan, who built a house, where Decaturville now stands, in 1835, and it was known as McMilllan's shop for a number of years. At the first sale of lots the following were purchasers: Pettigrew & Coat, John Garret, L. G. Friedley, Daniel McLoed, P. H. Fisher, E. E. Pate, Lawson Kelley, E. B. Jones, John McMillan, W. H. Bennet, J. W. Delaney, O. N. Gains, H. C. Fryar and a few others. Daniel McLoed built a house on the northeast corner of the square where the Dennison Hotel now stands, which was the first business house built in the place. Here he sold groceries for a time. Samuel Yarbro and Johnathan Luton were the first dry goods merchants. They did business where John Tate is now located. Soon after Young & Johnson opened business on the southwest corner of the square, and Pettigrew & Coats on the northwest corner of the square. Others were J. J. Sharp & Co., and later Storm & Smith, J. M. Fryar, Kendrick & Roberts and Blythe & Bondurant. The present business men of the place are Stout & Scott, Reuben Smith; J. L. Tate, J. T. Rodgers, Roberts & Moreland, W. F. Stout and J. L. Welch & Co.; hotel, the Dennison house. The Methodist Church and Masonic Lodge Hall, No, 218, was built in 1834. The town of Decaturville contains about 500 inhabitant, and is without a charter.

Source: Goodspeeds History of Tennessee