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Town of Perryville

Perryville, the old county seat, was selected as the seat of justice in 1821. On November 14, 1821, the Legislature selected Charles Miles, John Reaser, James Dickson, Charles Graham, W. S. Britt and Wm. Patterson to locate said seat. The place selected was the present site of Perryville. The town was incorporated in 1845, and in November of that year Joseph Brown, Wm. Jarman, J. S.. Allen, J. W. Crowder, Jacob Johnson, James Kelough and John McClover were made the town board and, also, trustees to establish an academy at Perryville. Samuel McClure was the first merchant in the place, and perhaps in the county. In 1821 he was succeeded in business by J. M. Pettigrew, a native of Ireland, but a man of great business ability. In the following year Pettigrew was joined by a brother, and in a short time by a half brother. Their business grow to immense proportions, and Perryville became one of the most extensive shipping points on the Tennessee River. While Perryville was the county seat it was not only the commercial but was also the political center of the county. Here met the early courts. The operations of the notorious John A. Murrell's band were through this portion of the county about 1830-32. While Perryville was still the political center it was visited by the great political lights such as James K. Polk, Andrew Jackson and a host of others. Among the early ones was the eccentric David Crockett. With the division of the county began the decline of Perryville so that now it contains but low houses, one commission or store house, one general store and one hotel.
Source: Goodspeeds History of Tennessee

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