Decatur County TN

Those Who Served From Decatur County

AARON, Cletus

Born June 23, 1917, in Waynesboro TN. Enlisted in the US Army Dec. 20, 1942 and began active service Dec. 27, 1942, with the Army anti-aircraft, Btry. B, 476th AAA, AW Bn. Took basic training in Ft. Sheridan IL, then to San Francisco CA. Discharged Jan. 2, 1946 at Camp Chaffee, AR, with rank of Private first class.
Countries served in: Australia, Mindoro Island, Leyte, Biak Island, Mindanao, New Guinea and Southern Philipines.
Battles and campaigns participated in included New Guinea and South Philippines.
Awarded the WWII Victory Ribbon, Good Conduct Medal, Asiatic-Pacific Theater Ribbon w/2 Bronze Service Stars, Philippine Liberation Ribbon w/1 Bronze Star and Distinguished Unit Badge.
Passed away May 7, 1994. He was the son of Will and Lydia Adkins. Married Earline Hanna and had one son, Ray Adkins Jr. (Presented by Earline Adkins)
Source: Decatur County TN 1846-2000 Veterans History
Buried at Bear Creek Cemetery

Born in Decatur County, April 5, 1923. He entered military service in Feb. 1943 and was assigned to the 44th Inf. Div. in Ft. Lewis WA, for basic training. In Jul 1943 he was assigned to an Army Specialized Training Unit (ASTP) at the New Mexico Tech University in Socorro NM. This was a very intense study under the university staff in the field of engineering.Following this he was assigned to an 81 mm mortar crew with the 12th Armd. Div. in Camp Barkeley TX. This unit joined the war efort in Europe in late summer 1944. He saw action with the 7th Army across Southern Europe. The 12th Armd. Div. was highly mobile and was engaged in numerous battles until the end of the European War.
Alexander was discharged at the end of 1945 and returned to Decatur County. He operated a retail business and taught school until retirement in 1990.
Source: Decatur County TN 1846-2000 Veterans History

Inducted into the AAF in June 1942. Most of his stateside service was in Florida where he was promoted to staff sergeant and served as drill instructor-platoon leader.
Joe went to England in 1943 with the 8th AF. He was transferred to the 9th AF. In the invasion of France in June 1944 his unit was assigned the duty of ground support while protecting the small dirt air strips.
Joe was with the troops in the liberation of Paris. He was transferred to the Adjutant General's Dept. which oversaw all US bases in and around Paris. In November 1945 he returned to the States. He remained in the USAFR until 1949. When Joe returned to the States he got his first look at his oldest daughter who was 20 months old.
While in Paris during the war he spent a three day pass with his brother, Fred, who was serving on the Western front.
Source: Decatur County TN 1846-2000 Veterans History

ALEXANDER, William T. (jr)
Born Dec. 19, 1921. Enlisted in the Army Oct. 12, 1942. Countries served in were Philippines, Luzon, Leyte, Mindanao, New Guinea and Australia. Type of service: Communication sergeant 542. Discharged Nov. 27, 1945 with rank of sergeant.
Battles included New Guinea, Luzon and Southern Philippines. He was awarded the Silver Star Medar, Good Conduct Medal, Purple Heart, Philippine Liberation Ribbon w/1 Bronze Star, Asiatic=Pacific Theater Ribbon 2/3 Bronze Service Starts and WW II Victory Ribbon.
William passed away June 15, 1997. He was the son of William T. Alexander Sr. and Flora Thomas. Married to Laurinda Denison with one son, Terry Lynn and one daughter, Leigh Ann. (Submitted by Laurinda Alexander.
Source: Decatur County TN 1846-2000 Veterans History
Buried in
Campground Cemetery.

Served in the 28th Inf. Div. in WW II, Normandy, North France, Rhineland, Ardennes and Central Europe. He received his training at Camp Shelby MS. The division was called upon to take part in some of the most desperate fighting of the war and never once did it fair to add new luster to its reputation as a first class combat unit. This division made the ultimate sacrifice in winning the victory over Nazism. In the struggle for Normandy, the painful deadly assaults of the Hurtgen Forest, only a few were left to remember the division's furious stand in the Ardennes winter battle with Omar N. Bradley in command. Joe drove Eisenhower's jeep and it was shot to pieces in Normandy. The narrow roads were cluttered with vehicles and mines. Most all the bridges had been destroyed. Medical help had to perform their job under direct fire. The going was toughest in the Hurtgen Forest. Gen. US Third Army Comander George S. Patton was a part of the break through. The German army came to know the 28th Inf. Div. by their gallant conduct in the fight for freedom demonstrating to the world that there is no finer soldier than the American infrantryman. In front of the Siegfried Line in the Hurtgen Forest and in the Battle of the Bulge your soldiers participated brilliantly in some of the most violent and fiercest battles and struggles in our history according to Gen. Jacob L. Devers. Joe wanted to go back and retrace the route he traveled. He did not make it. I was privileged to do this soon after his death in 1972. Joe had a service connected disability and was sick many years.
Joe passed away Dec. 10, 1972. He was the son of George Carrol and Bertha L. (Middleton) Allen. Submitted by Bonnye White Allen>.
Source: Decatur County TN 1846-2000 Veterans History
Buried in Campground Cemetery.

LEONARD W. ARNOLD, born Sept 2, 1910, in Parsons, TN. Enlisted in the US AAF Sept. 30, 1942, and served as sergeant with Sqdn. B, l504th AAF Bn Military locations, stations were Scott Field. IL Memphis AB. TN; and AAFB Fairfield, CA. Discharged Oct. 27, 1945, with rank of sergeant Awarded the Good Conduct Ribbon
He has four children Mary (Arnold) Bunch (deceased), Thomas W. Arnold, Joe Frank Arnold and Carolyn (Arnold) Cooley. Civilian employment with Corps of Engrs., Dept, of Army, Memphis General Depot U.S. Army. He died on September 25, 1999. He is buried in Memphis, TN.
Decatur County TN 1846 - 2000 Veterans History

YOUEL JAMES ARRINGTON born in Decatur County May 2,1917. He died in Decatur County Nov. 27, 1972, and is buried in Peace Chapel Cemetery. Arrington served as an Army tech sergeant during WWII. He received the WWII Victory Medal, American Service Medal, Good Conduct Medal, EAME Campaign Medal and the Middle Eastern Service Medal. He was also awarded three Bronze Stars. Upon his discharge he worked as a mechanic and farmer. Arrington had married Dela and her children, Jason Pearcy and Jodonna Mathis, reside in Decatur County.
Decatur County TN 1846 - 2000 Veterans History

Son of Dock and Corneila Jane (Bradford) Ballinger. Born 5-04-1921 (still living on 7-6-2010) (Contributed by Linda Lewis)

BIVINS, Erles Thomas

"Company "C", 110th Infantry Regiment, Rifleman 745; Combat Infantryman, Ardennes, Rhineland, Central Europe; Wounded in Luxemburg December 16th, 1944. Received the American Theater Ribbon, European-African-Middle Eastern Theater Ribbon with 3 Bronze Stars, Good Conduct Ribbon, Victory Medal, and Purple Heart."
When Erles was wounded, he was sent to the field hospital, patched up, presented with the Purple Heart, and sent back out on the front lines to fight again. Erles served with the infamous "Bloody Bucket Brigade". He and Mary Lois Renfroe were wed on August 13, 1945. (Contributed by Vicki Bivins

BIVINS, Ernest Marvin
Enlisted 22 Nov 1942 in Ft. Oglethorpe, Georgia. Branch: Branch Immaterial - Warrant Officers, USA

Obituary - Age, 57, of 1673 Nelson, farmer, died at 3 p.m. Tuesday at City of Memphis Hospital. Graveside services will be at 11 a.m. today in National Cemetery. Citizens Funeral Home of West Memphis has charge. He leaves a daughter, Mrs. Hazel Taker of North Little Rock; three sons, Johnny Bivins of Sardis, TN., and Tommy Bivins and Henry Bivins, both of Little Rock; a sister, Mrs. Lonnie White of Sommerville, TN.; two brothers, Woodrow Bivins and Erles Bivins, both of Scotts Hill, TN., and two grandchildren.

Ernest Marvin Bivins' eldest son by his 1st wife, is a Korean War Veteran and suffered severe frost bite to his feet and toes during his tour to Korea.) His name is John Marvin Bivins, son of Ernest Marvin and Mabel Bivins. Grandson of Marion and Lillie Bivins.

BOWMAN, Onnes A.

BRASHER, Vernon E.


COLLETT, Howard J.


COX, Ozra Lois
    Pvt. US Army WW II (11 February 1906 - 10 February 1993) Buried at
Yellow Springs Cemetery. Husband of Gertrude Vono


DAVIS, Charles B.

DODSON, Leonard R.

DOHERTY, Charlie
    Tec 5 US Army WW II 13 Sterling & Gertrude (Baker) Doherty (November 1913 - 29 January 1996) Buried at
Yellow Springs Cemetery


    PFC US Army Born 25 October 1925 - Died 29 November 1949. Buried
Mt. Carmel Cemetery

GRAVES, Barney M.

GRIGGS, Gordon

GURLEY, Robert

HALEY, Robert P.

HARDIN, Grover

HOWELL, Curry C.

IVEY, Everett L.

IVY, Alvin B.
    PFC - Tennessee Pvt. 26 MC Bn 9 Div. World War II (born 27 December 1889 - died 24 March 1948) Burial at
Mt. Tabor Cemetery

KEETON, Charles Emerson    


Son of Bedford Benard and Ora (Duck) Keeton

Buried at Keeton Cemetery

Born 27 July 1920 - Died 23 April 1995

Married Martha Lucille Cordle.

KENNEDY, Guy Thomas    
Born Sept. 30, 1907. Enlisted in the USNR (volunteer) in December 1942. Military locations, stations were Memphis TN; Helena AR; and Little Rock AR. Discharged in June 1945 with rank of specialist first class. Awarded the American Reserve Medal and Good Conduct Medal. Married Ethel Austin April 24, 1931. He is the son of J.D. and Ollie (O'Neal) Kennedy. Civilian employment as TVA safety officer, teacher, rural mail carrier and county superintendent. Currently retired and resides in Scotts Hill TN.
Veterans History Decatur County TN - 1846-2000

Born Nov. 30, 1917. Served in the USAF in January 1945-December 1945. Passed away April 23, 1995. He was the son of E.C. and Alice (Duck) Kennedy
Veterans History Decatur County TN - 1846-2000 - (Buried at
Decaturville Cemetery)

Born Jan. 11, 1919. Enlisted Oct. 16, 1942 and served with Field Arty. WW II. Overseas from June 1943-Dec. 27, 1945, New Guinea and Southern Philippines. Discharged Jan. 14, 1946 with rank of sergeant. Battles in which he participated -- All the little Philippine Islands. Awarded the WWII Victory Ribbon, Good Conduct Medal Asiatic-Pacific Theater Ribbon w/2 Bronze Service Stars and one Bronze Arrowhead, Philippine Liberation Ribbon and two Bronze Stars. Memorable events in service: When they declared peace. Memorable events after leaving service: So glad to get back home and be in the good old USA. Joe passed away June 19, 1996. He was the son of R.E. and Evie Kennedy. Married to Aileen and had four children: Ricky Kennedy, Susan Austin, Mark Kennedy and Thomas L. Kennedy who died July 18, 1988.
Veterans History Decatur County TN - 1846-2000

KENNEDY, Walbert H.
Born May 10, 1923. Enlisted in the US Army Jan. 25, 1943 and served with Reconnaissance (G2). Countries served - Northern Ireland, Wales, France, Belgium and Germany. Discharged Oct. 19, 1945 with rank of technician fourth grade.
Battles - Northern France - Ardennes and Rhineland. Awarded the Combat Infantry Badge, Bronze Star, POW Medal, ETO Ribbon w/4 Battle Stars and Good Conduct Medal.
Memorable Events in service- Invasion of Normandy, June 1944. Captured Feb. 25, 1945
Memorable Events after leaving service - Graduation from Law School, married, birth of three sons, career in wildlife law and enforcement, special agent U.S.
He is the son of E.C. and Alice (Duck) Kennedy. Married to Gwen Gibson and sons are Dale, Mike and Pat. Retired from Civil Service Aug. 31, 1982.
Veterans History Decatur County TN - 1846-2000

KING, Curry


LINDSAY, William L.

LONG, Harry F.

MAYS, James F.



McCORKLE, Wallace



MOORE, Howard E.

MORRIS, Ben Travener

MORRIS, Ben Travener
Son of Bedford Benard and Ora (Duck) Keeton
Buried at
Mt. Tabor Cemetery 1928- 1944
It is with great sadness and pleasure that I send Veterans Day Remembrances to you from Houston, TX. Ben Travener Morris, Jr ( 1925-1944) son, of Ben and Jessie Harrison Morris was honored today at the Regis School of the Sacred Heart. Ben, Jr was among the thirty-nine men from Decatur county who died in World War II. He was killed in action during the Invasion of Guam on November 30, 1944, and his body was sent home in 1948. Ben, jr. is buried in Mount Tabor Cemetery resting by his parents and grandparents. To commemorate Veterans Day, each Regis student creates a poster honoring a specific veteran who has served our country. The posters are then displayed along the fence of the school grounds for public viewing. I am happy to report that my grandson chose Ben Morris, Jr as his "My Hero". My Aunt Jessie and Uncle Ben would be proud!
Contributed by Dolores Harrison Dodge, (Rootsweb Web Messae Board) cousin of Ben Trevener Morris, Jr.

PRATT, Joseph D.

RUSHING, Virgil L.

SMITH, George B.


VISE, William G.


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