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Dyer County was founded in 1821 by settlers from Virginia and South Carolina and named for Colonel William Henry Dyer, who served under General Andrew Jackson in the war of 1812. ( Source: Collier's Encyclopedia)

Dyer County is made up of three incorporated towns. Dyersburg, Newbern, and Trimble.

Dyersburg was built on what was known as Melver’s Bluff by the Okeena River. The Original plan for the town was determined in 1825. Melver’s Bluff became known as Dyersburg when the town was incorporated in 1850

Dyersburg First:

( Source: Dyer County, Tennessee History)

1st Postmaster: Robert Henry Dyer
1st Sheriff: Griffith Rutherford
1st Jail: Was an overturned wagan bed with a rock on top of it to secure the prisoners for the night.
1st Child Born: Benjamin Porter Jr.
1st Telephone Installed: 1891 Dr. W H Tucker House
1st Newspaper: 1865 Neal's Gazette, later became State Gazette
1st Mayor: Charlie Clark

Newbern is located on land that was originally the northern part of a 5,000 acre grant owned by J. W. Clark. In 1850,
Owen Philyou of New Bern, North Carolina, staked a claim in the area where Newbern now stands.
Newbern was incorporated as a city in 1857

Trimble had its beginning in 1873, the result of the building of a railroad from Paducah, Kentucky to Memphis, Tennessee which ended at a bluff near the Dyer County line just across the Obion River Bottom.

The County seat is Dyersburg.

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