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 Nineteen Transcripts for Hamilton County Circuit Court

Murder Cases and Most Any Kind You Want to Read

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      As a gentle reminder that Hamilton County, is still alive, nineteen transcripts from her circuit court were filed with Deputy Clerk McMillan yesterday in the Supreme.


      One of the most interesting is entitled Martha Womack in error is the state. The charge is murder. Sunday evening, September 27, 1891, Martha shot one Geo. Johnson in the back; he was carrying a child at the time.  He lived about two days after the shooting. Martha is colored also Johnson. She seems to be half witted at times, again unusually bright at others. She was living with Johnson, and at one time she tried to suicide with laudanum .  She was sentenced twenty years, the Judge refusing to consider the plea of insanity set up, and overruled motions for a new trial and an appeal was granted.


      The Dr. Young Case


      Another case was State of Tennessee in error vs. Dr. J. L Young. Dr. Young is charged with perjury, a matter that was at the time specially noted by the papers here. It is remembered that Ella Young,. his first wife has secured a decree for $10,000 damages against his second wife for alienating the doctor's affections. The doctor filed a bill for divorce in Hamilton County against his first wife Ella and the grand jury found him guilty of having wickedly and maliciously contrived and intended to aggrieve his wife Ella by virtue of said bill for divorce in which he charged her with having abandoned him and a lot of other stuff and found form that of his own most wicked and corrupt mind in manner and form aforesaid, falsely, wickedly, willfully and corruptly and maliciously did perjury himself against the peace and dignity of the state. A motion to quash this indictment for perjury was sustained and an appeal is taken.



      Transcripts of other cases



      W. H..Colter appellant vs. Joe Johnson, action for debt for $333.33.


      Clementine Jones appellant vs. Waldren's Ridge Coal Company, action for $25,000 damages for the death of her husband.


      C. N. O. Texas Pacific Railway Company appellant vs. M. S. Veard. Veard sued for a $1000 stallion. He got judgment in the lower court of $500.


      George DeWitt and wife appellant vs. Singer Manufacturing Company. The machine was awarded to the company in the lower court.


      C. C. Howard appellant vs. James Grange. Suit for debt on Howard's note for $200 and interest. Judgment was given below for $168 and the additional sum of $16.80 for attorney's fee.


      E. T. V. & G. vs. Thos. S. Mitchell, administrator. Mitchell sued for $20,000 damages for the death of an employee, W. T. Gwynn. Judgment was given below for $10,000.


      Frank T. Smith, appellant vs. Rhoda Witt. Action for damages for $250 for Throwing her out of her house and breaking her furniture. Judgment was given Rhoda for $100.


      Chattanooga Basket and Package Company appellant vs. W. Teague, administrator. Action for $500 damages for certain negligence which caused the death of one David Teague. Judgment was given for that amount below and the company appeals.


      State vs. Chattanooga and North Side Railway Company. Action for obstructing streets. The indictment was quashed because not signed by the attorney general and the state appealed.


      W. M. Piatt appellant vs. W. T. Gaston et al. Action of debt by note for $110. Judgment for defendant below and plaintiff appeals.


      Chattanooga Electric Street and Railroad Company appellant vs. B. P. McLean. Action for $100 for killing one setter dog. Case was heard without intervention of jury and damages against the railroad for $75 were given.


      E. T. V. & G appellant vs. Thos. A Baker. Also tried without intervention of jury, the same being waived by the parties. An action for damages from train being derailed. He was declared a trespasser but on account of gross negligence the court assessed damaged at $250 against the railroad company. This case was in Supreme Court last term, when it was remanded for trial.


      Walter Cossett appellant vs. Sunlife Insurance Company. Action for breach of the insurance contract for $495. Suit was dismissed at the cost of plaintiff and he appeals.


      Campbell & Co., appellant vs. J.D. McDonnell. Action for debt for one care of lumber, valued at $150. Judgment was given against complainant for $150.


      W. D. Wilson appellant vs. George Dentuers action for damage. Judgment for $1,000 was given against Wilson.


      W. B. Denton & Co., appellant vs. United States Express Company, damages. Suit was dismissed.


      Victor C. Cordon appellant vs. the state, charged with murder, first degree, of Geo G. Gibson April 3, 1890.  This was heard at the last term of Supreme Court at Knoxville, at which time he was under sentence of fifteen years and the court reversed and remanded for a new trial. The punishment this time was fixed at twelve years, from which he appeals once more.