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Pensioners on the Rolls as of January 1, 1883
Source: List of Pensioners on the Roll January 1, 1883
Washington Government Printing Office, 1883

Transcribed by G.T. Transcription Team

No. of

Name of Pensioner

Post Office

Cause of which pensioned


Date of
original allowance

3,500McKnight, John SEconomyinj. r. leg (Navy)$6.00Dec., 1882
22,889Gillis, SarahGillise's MillsWidow 1812$8.00Apr., 1879
63,874Doolittle, Leonard SHamburgwd. r. leg$6.00May, 1866
150,306Amanda, CampbellHamburgWidow$8.00May, 1871
156,719Stephenson, Eliz'thHamburgWidow$8.00Mar., 1878
28,046Brown, NancyHamburgWidow 1812$8.00Dec., 1879
180,333Stephens, LucindaLowryvilleWidow$8.00Mar., 1878
15,143Sharp, Eliz'thLowryvilleWidow 1812$8.00Jan., 1879
24,651White, Arty MLowryvillesurv. 1812$8.00Jan., 1879
122,561Baily, Eliza JOlive HillWidow$8.00Dec., 1868
144,587Saxon, Robert LOlive Hillw. r. ankle$8.00Apr., 1877
3,691Poindexter, Frances APittsburg Land'gWidow 1812$8.00Sept., 1871
31,692Jackson, SarahPittsburg Land'gWidow 1812$8.00May, 1881
101,479Murphy, Lavinia CPyburn's BluffWidow$8.00Oct., 1867
56,912Baird, Richardson KPyburn's Bluffpar. deaf$6.00Jan., 1866
161,779Moore, George WSaltilloloss r. eye$10.00Aug., 1877
26,778Carter, Caroline SSaltilloWidow$8.00Sept, 1879
139,607Ross, Isaac WSavannahwd. l. thigh$8.00Mar., 1878
196,784Dickerson, David JSavannahdis. heart, ch. diarr & dysp$10.00Oct., 1881
85,723Deford, Resdin DSavannahwd. l. thigh$17.00Oct., 1867
153,322Gant, ElizabethSavannahWidow$8.00Sept., 1871
183,411Sanders, GeoSavannahchild$10.00Mar., 1879
182,739Hardin, HarrietSavannahWidow$8.00Dec., 1878
145,440Moore, Thos. JSavannahwd. left hand$3.00May, 1877
127,591Lamb, JamesSavannahwd. right side$12.00Apr., 1874
120,362Loyd, James HSavannahchr. hepatitis$6.00Jan., 1873

Carpenter, Lucinda C. alias Lucinda C. Dillahunty

SavannahWidow 1812$8.00May, 1880
13,561Perry, Joice BSavannahsurv. 1812$8.00Dec., 1878
117,569Irwin, MarthaSavannahWidow$8.00Aug., 1868
165,763Johnson, Nancy ASavannahmother$8.00June, 1874
76,855Boling, SarahSavannahmother$8.00June, 1866
141,285Childus, Susan HShilohvilleWidow$8.00May, 1870

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