of Henderson County TN

Compiled by Laura Waddle from Microfilm Misc. records Roll 26

George H. Buck was born July 21st 1789
Susanna Buck was born April 2oth 1793
John Buck was born March 13th 1814
Sarah Buck was born Jan 23th 1816
Charles Buck was born Feby 3rd 1818
George H. Buck Jr. was born Feby 27th 1820
Mary Ann Buck was born Oct the 30th 1822
James M. Buck was born Oct the 3rd 1824
William R. Buck was born Jan 14th 1827
David W. Buck was born May 9th 1829
Elizabeth R. Buck was born Jul 16th 1831
Jorden L. Buck was born Apr 24th 1833
Martin A. Buck was born July 17th 1837
StanHope Franklin Buck was born Jan 29th 1843
J.B. Buck son of Martin A. Buck was born Jan. 7, 1872
Roy Farris Buck son of J.B. Buck was born Nov. 1, 1899
Terry Joe Buck son of Roy Farris was born Jun 13, 1931
Terry Michael Buck son of Terry Joe Buck was born Oct. 25, 1952
Jerry Alan Buck son of Terry J. Buck was born Dec. 21, 1954
Raymond Craig Buck son of Terry J. Buck May 16, 1963

George H. Buck & Susan Neisler was joined together in the bonds of matrimony in
Cabarrus County, NC on the 22nd day of Apr 1813
Sarah Buck was married to Josiah H. Cook June the 21st 1838
Charle Buck was married to Lydie Lipe April 29th 1841
John Buck was married to I.L.? Thomas Jan 8th 1849
James M. Buck was married to Any Eliza Thomas 24th day of Apr 1845
William R. Buck was married to Nancy Reed 29th December 1846
Elizabeth R. Buck was married to Luther Milem August 1st 1850
James M. Buck was married to Milly Reed Jan 17th 1847
Mary Ann Buck was married to Daniel Neisler the 3rd day of Apr 1855
J.L. Buck was married to Martha E. Carter Jan 15th 1857
M.A. Buck was married to Mary E. Craven March the 1st 1859
I.L. Buck was married to Mary Tuck July 4th 1869
J.B. Buck was married to Nancy Ellen Brown Feb 4, 1895

Stanhope F. Buck departed this life at Peryville, Kentuky Oct 8th 1862
George H. Buck Sr. departed this life on Mar 25, 1875
Susan Buck Departed this life on July 16, 1875
J.L. Buck departed this life 17 July 1895
Milton Buck departed this life June 28, 1900
D.W. Buck "Sen" departed this life Aug. 29, 1905
Martin A. Buck departed this life Aug 10, 1906
Charlie Buck departed this life April 23, 1882
Mary E. Buck wife of M.A. Buck Died July 21 1927
Elizabeth R. Buck wife of S.M? Milem died Dec. 19, 1922
J.B. Buck departed this life Sep 5, 1921
M.A. Buck Jr. Feb. 9 - 1928
Martha E. Buck Snider Ded. 9 - 1938
G.B. Buck July 1, 1940
Thomas F. Buck March 23, 1942.
Daniel W. Buck March 18, 1947
Rosy Lee Buck March. 10, 1958


Father-James Milton Buck was borned Oct the 3 1824
mother-Mildred Harper Buck was borned Sept the 15th 1824
Tiwisy nlida vijrginci DoaahxarrtxiB Bvick was borned £ek>ruary the 14th 1846
Sarah Mildred Buck was borned Dec the 13th 1847
John H. Buck was borned July the 1st day 1849
George Henry Buck was borned June the 17th 1851
James Milton Buck Junier was borned february the 7th 1853
Mary Jane Buck borned Jan. 16 1855
William Wilson Buck was borned Apr the 23r 1857
Isaac Marion Buck was borened June the 30th 1859
Martha Susen Buck was borned Nov the 9th or 7th? 1861
Nancy EliEabeth Buck was borned July 22nd 1867
Jorden Franklin Buck was borned February the 28th? 1861

Martha Susan Buck Departed this life Jul the 6th 1863
James Milton Buck sr. Departed this life June the 28th 1900 found dead in Creek by M.C. Petty Early in the morning of the 29th. (the rest is faint and hard to read)
mother-Mildred Harper Buck Departed this life in August 31th 191? (1915?) Sarah Mildred Neisler departed this life feb. 6, 1920


George H. Buck was born Jun the 17th day AD 1831 Souisay Catherine Buck was born Apr. 17 AD 1853 Joseph Milton Buck was born Aug. 28'th day AD 1871 William Thomas Was born December 12th AD 1873 George Washington Buck was born Aug the 28th 1877 Jesse Samuel Buck was borned Mar. the 2nd day AD 1880 Daisy Buck ARchie was bored Feb the 20th 1883 Louisa Jane Buck was borned Oct the 21 1887 Malcum Dewit Buck was borned June the 7thl891 Jarden Lambert Buck was borned Oct. the lth?day 1855

George Henry Buck and Louisa Catherine Smith was married Aug. 25th 1870
Joseph M. Buck & Lara E. Horton married April ? on Easter Sunday 1896, at 11 AM
William Thomas Buck and Sarah Elizabeth Faning was married Jan 27 1897 on Wed at 10 AM
Daisy Buck and Samuel Dickson were married Dec 29th 2 PM 1907
George? W. Buck and Connie? Hawkins were married Mar. 190?
Malcom Buck and Missie McPeake was married Oct 16 1912 at 1 oclock
Jardan Lambert buck and Bula Burch/Bunch Jones was married Nov 11? 1937

Jesse Samuel Buck died Aug 27th 1882 Infant son died Feb the 18th 1883 Louisa Jane Buck died Oct 1887 Louisa Catherine Smith Buck died Jul....?
Dr. Wilson Thomas Buck died Dec? 14 1927 age 64 ? His wife Cora died Jul 3, 1937
Father J.M. Buck Sr. died on Thurs. 28 1900 was found dead in Lost creek by M.C. Petty
Laura E. Horton Buck died Dec 31 1935 Joseph Milton Buck died 17 May 1948

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