of Henderson County TN

Christopher Family Bible Records

Henderson County TN
Compiled by Laura Waddle (Undated)

Transcribed by Annice Miller

Taken from the bible in the possession of Frank Christopher in 1938 by Davie Little. 1980 in the possession of Ester McPeake, Frank’s daughter.

HANDWRITTEN NOTES ON DOCUMENT Letter from J.W. Christopher to mother Isabella and his sisers from Kentucky, 1865

Also in Bible – letter from Mollie Tidwell to Ema or Oma Connally, no date
Written inside front and back cover Sanger, Fresno Co, California
Part of a page Ray _____________ read – looks like ? Kathryn C. Ray born ? July 25, 1814
Nancy Ray born June 19, 1811
Margaret J. Ray died Sep ? ? aged 37 years 2 mo 5 days
Melvin Davis married L? A? Ray June 7, 1828 ?
M. Davis died Spe ??
Ester also has copy old book of John W. Christopher Andersonville, GA prison by John McElroy


Simpson Kernodle, March 1st A.D. 1841
Lucinda R. Wilson, March 1st, A.D. 1841
Thomas Christopher and Isabella A. Ray, Dec 3, 1829
David Hall and Isabella A. Christopher, Feb 2, 1843
Louisa C.C. Christopher and Brantley Beal, Feb 9, 1869
Lorenzo D. Conley and Nancy J. Christopher, Oct 6, 1861
John W. Christopher and Mandy E. Joyner, April 24, 1870
James McCarrall and Mary M.C. Hall, Nov 6, 1870
J.T. Connally and Leonnie Stewart, 1883
J.M. Thomas and Mary L. Christopher, 1891
* David L. Connally and Lula B. Brower, Aug 15, 1895
* William S. Connally and Julia F. Scott, Jan 11, 1894
* Jessie Wheatley and Amanda Connelly, Aug 4, 1896


Simpson Kernodle was born April 10, A.D. 1808
Lucinda R. Kernodle was born Dec 7, 1809
Amanda A. Wilson was born Feb 3, 1838
William S. Kenodle was born Dec 28, 1841
Sarah Ann Kernodle was born Set. 13, 1843
Thomas B. Kernodle was born Feb 21, 1846
James H. Kernodle was born Nov 24, 1848
Mary F. Kernodle was born July 28, 1851
Robert Y. Kernodle was born June 29, 1854
Thomas Christopher was born Nov. 19, 1803
Isabellar A. Christopher was born Mar 10, 1812
Louisa C.C. Christopher was born Oct 31, 1831
Nancy J. Christopher was born Oct 29, 1833
David C. Christopher was born Feb 18, 1836
*James Elbert W. Connally was born Feb 7, 1879
* David R. Connally was born Mar 21, 1885
* Maude M. Connally was born Nov 30, 1887
* Willie M. Connally was born Oct 1, 1890
* Omettie E. Hall was born May 4, 1874
* Robert M. Connally was born Aug 6, 1894
* James E. Wheatley was born May 9, 1894
* Elmer B. Connally was born Oct 9, 1897
* W.B. Connally was born Jan 19, 1901
Thomas M. Christoper ws born Jan 24, 1873
D.F. Christopher was born June 2, 1875
Nancy I. Christopher was born Sep 9, 1877
John W. Christopher was born Oct 21, 1838
Sarah S.W. Hall was born Oct 19, 1843
Mary M.C. Hall was born Mrch 13, 1846
John T. Connally was born Oct 28, 1863
James E.W. Connally was born Feb 1874
David L. Connally was born May 9, 1865
Mandy E. Connally was born Feb 28, 1876
William S. Connally was born April 12, 1871
Mary L.A. J. Connally was born April 7, 1869
William W. Ballew was born July 7, 1840
T.F. McCarrall was born Sep 13, 1871
Mary L. Christopher was born April 11, 1871


* Treney C. Connally died March 1876
* T.J. Connally died April 10, 1882
* John W. Connally died Aug 30, 1868
* Isibeller Christopher died Sep 28, 1872
* Sarah C. Hall died May 1, 1892
* Maudie M. Connally died Oct 15, 1889
* Mary M. McCarrall, died July 25, 1893
* Julia F. Connally died March 1, 1894
* Leonnie Connally died Friday Dec 27, 1895
* W.B. Connally died Jan 26, 1891
* Lulu B. Connaly died Nov 15, 1905
L.D. Connally died Jan 27, 1908 age 72 years 1? mo 17 days
Thomas Christopher died April 12, 1840
David C. Christopher died July 26, 1854
I. Christopher died Sep 28, 1872
Louisa C.C. Beal died March 7, 1862
David Hall died ___ 30, 1845

* Labeled on compilation as missing



?, Kentucky 1865, May the 26th.

Dear Mother,
I take my pen in hand to let you know that I am well at present, hopening when this comes to hand it may find you all well and been well. Mother I sent you all that you sent me to send you, but the coffee. Bill is a going to let you have it out of his sack. Cofee is ??, Mother, I spent about $22 of your money. I paid for the skirts and the hat out of my own money, and paper. Let Nancy Jane have some of it when she wants to write to me, if she wants. Mother, I think the war is about over. I think I will be home in a short time to see you all and tell all of the people they may look for us. We will come there. I would like to see all of them. Mother, I don’t wait for you to send me a letter. I send all the letters I can. I don’t wait for a letter. Mother, I will have to bring my letter to a close. Mother, excuse my bad writing and bad spelling for I was in a hurry. It is the best I can do. Write to me if you can read my handwriting. Get L. D. Connally to write your letters. A few lines to the girls—I sent you the best dresses I could. I want you to do the best you can until I get out of this war and take care of your mother. Tell all of the girls and boys tht I want to see all of them. Tell them I have not forgot them. I want them to give me a party when I come home. I want you to tell them that I am still in the land of the living and I expect to see Piney another time.
So no more.

J. W. Christopher to Izabelar Christopher and sisters at home.


M.E. Joyner Sep 1, 1852 - Dec 7, 1916
J.W. Christopher Oct 24, 1838 - Dec 22, 1921
Married April 24, 1879
Mary Lou April 11, 1871 – July 21, 1920
Tom M. Jan 24, 1875
David Franklin June 2, 1875
N. Isabelle Sep 9, 1877
M. Frances Nov 5, 1879
Millie A.C. Mar 6, 1882
Harriet Flo J. Jan 19, 1886
Jinettie C. Jan 8, 1889 – Jan 18, 1919


Bible gives the ancestors of Mary Lou Connally and Hezekia Goff, gives the father and mother of Nancy Jane Connally as Tom and Isabelle Christopher.

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