of Henderson County TN



In possession of Jean Alexander West 435 N. Highland St, Apt. 3 Memphis, TN 38122
Transcribed by Annice Meeler

Probate, Marshall Co, MS
Pg 153: 455.
James Tisdale and Elizabeth, his wife, Franklin Smith and Arpa Jane, his wife, Isham N. Smith, William Smith, the unknown heirs Smith, deceased, Joel Girleigh and Virginia Girleigh, his wife, John Holt and Hannah, his wife, all legatees of William Stephenson, deceased, and Obediah M. Stephenson, one of the heirs of William Stephenson, deceased, are not inhabitants of the state of Mississippi, December 1851. (Handwritten note at bottom of page: “Gideon Frank Smith m-1 Bell (see Bell BK). She was Leander’s sister.”) Handwritten note from Ms. Jean West, 3-8-04:

William Smith & Rebecca Webb was married 1815
S. M. Smith & E. M. Lovelace, 1837
N. A. A. Smith & Leander Bell, 1838
G. F. Smith & Elizabeth Bell, 1839
M. M. Smith & Henry Deberry, 1840
James Bell & Mary E. Smith was married ?, 12, 1842
A. J. Smith was born on March the 3, 1828 and was married to F. F. Smith, 1843
Jasper N. Smith & Mary E. Wilkes was married July, 1st, 1855

William Smith was born Jan 5, 1794
Rebecca Webb was born Dec 27, 1797
William C. Smith was born July 24, 1816
Stephen H. Smith was born Oct 18, 1817
G. F. Smith was born Dec 15, 1819
Nancy A. A. Smith was born Jan 18, 1822
M. M. Smith was born Sep 10, 1825
Mary E. Smith was born Jan 6, 1827
Nancy J. Smith was born March 25, 1829
William Carrel was born Feb 14, 1832
M. Elizabeth Smith was born Aug 10, 1835
N. J. Smith was born Dec 20, 1839
Malvina Jane Smith was born Dec 4, 1839
?. E. Smith was born March the 7, 1851
J. N. Smith was born Dec 2, 1834
Melvina Carrel Smith was born Oct 1, 1855
Henry Deberry was born Oct 20, 1815
Mary Rebecca Smith was born Oct 12, 1856
Thomas L. Smith was born Aug 4, 1860
Jasper Florance Smith was born Aug 16, 1863
Eddie Viola Smith was born June 25, 1868
Maud May Smith was born Sep 17, 1871
Elizabeth J. Smith was born Jul 30, 1876
Frances P. Cooper was born April 29th, 1845
Eddie Oscar Smith was born October 19, 1897
Ruby Lee Smith was born June 2, 1900
Cleo Smith was born December 10, 1918
Violet Smith was born February 18, 1920
Carl Smith was born July 15, 1925

William Carrel departed this life Sep 14, 1816
Malvina E. Smith departed this life Nov 1, 1836
William Smith departed this life Feb 22, 1842
Milly M. Deberry departed this life January 14th, 1845
Nancy J. Cooper departed this life Sep 7, 1853
William C. Smith departed this life August 13th, 1855
Nancy Ann Bell departed this life March 12th, 1857
Mary E. Bell departed this life Sept 21st, 1863
Rebecca Smith departed this life Apr 13th, 1878
Jasper N. Smith departed this life January 28, 1926
Mary Wilkes Smith departed this life January 29, 1926
Lizzie Smith Chandler departed this life September 16, 1928

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