of Henderson County TN

Contribued by Rebecca Wood / Everett Horn Library

Marriages from the John C. Trice Family

John C. Trice and Elizabeth Crook married January 28, 1830
(John C. Trice b. 1-23-1804 - d. 4-30-1895 m. 1-18-1830)

Births from the William Crook Trice Bible

John C. Trice was born Jan. 22nd 1804
Elizabeth Crook Trice was born Nov 10th 1805

(William Crook Trice is the son of John C. Trice)

John & Elizabeth are buried at Hamlet Cemetery

Following record copied from family Bible of Harrison Trice, which was in possession of descendants of Harrison Trice's son, Edward Johnson Trice. Whereabouts of Bible now unknown.

"Children of Harrison Trice (handwritten note):
George Trice, born 11, 16, 1796, married Zilpha ---.
Polly Moore Trice, born 12, 8, 1798, married Joseph White.
Nancy Cain Trice, born 7, 28, 1800, married Hezekiah Bradbury.
Tabitha Trice, born 4, 8, 1802, married Richard Timberlake.
John Calvin Trice, born 1, 23, 1804, married Betsy Crook.
Elizabeth R. Trice, born 9, 3, 1805, married Thos. Gatewood.
Rita Moore Trice, born 2, 1, 1807, married Stephen Easom.
Gray Harrison Trice, born 1, 8, 1808, married ___ Whitley.
Verben H. Trice, born 1, 16, 1820, married Ariadne Utley.
Gillie Webb Barbee Trice, born 1, 10, 1812, married Norwood Kirby.
Tennie Moore Trice, born 2, 10, 1816, married ____ Lisles.
Edward Johnson Trice, born ____ 1817, married 11, 9, 1843 to Martha Jane Boren."

Harrison Trice was born 28 Jul 1775 in Orange Co., NC
His death occured 28 Jul 1840 in TN - Burial: Timberlake, Henderson Co., TN
Must be unmarked graves -- they are not listed

In a typewritten genealogical account, FAMILY GENEALOGY, by Addie Timberlake McCall, 1936, PG#50: "The following record from old Timberlake Bible now in my possession." Harrison Trice died July 28, 1840. Gillie Trice Barbee died Dec 3, 1843.

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