L.W. Adams was born March 19, 1888. He is the son of N.A> and N.F. Adams, who are still living on the place settled by his great-grandfather. He received his early education in the common schools of his community, going two months in the summer time and approximately the same for the winter session. He went six months to W.C. Crook, who is still a teacher in this county and nine months at Juno to Bebe Boswell, who is now an insurance agent at Jackson. He entered high school at Lexington in 1911 under J.. Brown and in all of his school work he was a leader of his class and made a splendid record. He first started teaching in 1908 and with the exception of two or three years, has taught continuously. He was married in 1913 and is the father of four girls, two of which are students in the Lexington High School. He was elected to the County Board of Education in August 1934, to succeed Fres S. Sellers, who had served on the board for seven years, and who was not a candidate to succeed himself. Mr. Adams is a man of reputable character, whose honesty and sense of duty is admired by all who know him. He is fair toward everybody and will surely do his duty toward the schools of the county.
Henderson County Schools - Personnel of County Board of Education December 1934

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