A. C. Austin was born May 19, 1826 in Henderson County, Tenn., the son of Charles Austin. With a rural experience familiar to most farmer boys, he becam a man, and in November 1846, was married to Miss Margaret Frazier. It was in 1859 that they left Tennessee, located in Dunklin County, Mo., and opened up a farm near where he now resides. Since then he has had a varied experience in hunting, farming, acting as constable, census-taker, and enroller of the school children, so that he is well know, and has, himself, an extensive knowledge of the county. He now owns forty acres of land, thirty-four acres of which are in good cultivation and well improved. His residence of twenty-eight years in the county decides him in making it his permanent home. In 1874 Mr. Austin was elected assessor. His famly of five children are all now married, and live in this county. He tells of a peculiar metal found by him during the war, and of their making bullets of it, the material being somewhat harder than lead. He is well informed on the statistics and general information fo the whole region. Mr. Austin was a fond and successful hunter in all the early days of the county, and did space but permit, many interesting anecdotes might be related of the game brought down by his trusty rifle.

Goodspeed's History of Southeast Missouri, p. 1154

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