Ephraim H. Austin was the third Charles Austin Child and the first of seven brothers. Born in North Carolina, he made the long trek here (Scotts Hill) with his family at age five. If a Beauchamp family did not accompany them, they did come within the next two decades. For by that time 'Eph' had married Lucy Ann Beauchamp and they had been blessed with a son, John J. Austin.

About the time of Civil War, Eph built the area's most pretentious residence. Some children were born here and Eph and Lucy Ann lived there from war times until their deaths. During these years the Austins operated the biggest general store: they owned and operated an ox-powered gin and a water-powered grist mill. He was a realtor of note and generally successful in all his endeavors.

He (Eph) was a self-made mechanic and engineer and used the third story of his big yellow residence as a general shop for making and experimenting with gadgets and labor saving devices of all kinds. Eph served as postmaster here as did a son, Henry W. Austin. He was a Confederate solider (C.S.A. Pvt. Company H, 21st Cavalry) under Gen. Nathan B. Forrest, often by the side of his oldest son, John J. Austin (C.S.A. Pvt. Company F 9th and 10th Cavalry).

From the website of Lynn Gage Cunningham / Rootsweb World Connect / History of Scotts Hill by Gordon Turner

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