Mrs. Neila Carrington and her great-great-granddaughter, Lynleigh Parker, will celebrate their birthdays in November.

Neila will be 94 on November 7, 1992 [also, her daughter and son-in-law, Clara M. and Millard Wallace, will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary on, Nov. 7], and Lynleigh will be one year old on November 21. Lynleigh Rianna is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Parker of Darden. She is the granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Russell of Darden and Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Parker of Lexington. Her great-grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Wallace of Darden, Mrs. H. H. Russell and the late H. H. Russell of Pontotoc, MS, and the late Mr. and Mrs. Estes Jowers and Mr. and Mrs. Priest Parker of Lexington.

Neila Mae Tolley Carrington was born on Nov. 7, 1898. She was ninth in a family of twelve children born to Martin A. and Sophronia [Fisher] Tolley. One sister died as a child, but six brothers and four sisters grew to adulthood. None of the brothers, Andrew, William, Charlie, Wesley, Herbert and Gordon, are living; however, two sisters, Mrs. .Grace Wilkins and Mrs. Myrtle Essary are living and have passed their 90th birthdays. Two sisters, now deceased, Mrs. Anna Tubbs and Mrs. Rachel Blankenship, lived past their 90th birthday.

Sweet Bud schools. She loved sports and spent part of her childhood trying to be as athletic as her older brother, Herb. She still enjoys baseball games on television. Her brother, William played on the Varsity baseball team at UT Knoxville many years ago, and today, Gordon's grandson is on the VOL's football team.

Neila has attended Mount Ararat Baptist Church all her life and was baptized in 1913. Her future husband, William Auda Carrington, was baptized at the same time. She sang in the choir, taught a Sunday school class, was a charter member of Mount Ararat Women's Missionary Union, and has shared her home with many visiting preachers and singers during revivals, as well as with pastors and their families all during the year. She still attends Sunday morning services regularly and is an inspiration to all with her sharp mind and recollection of past events.

Neila was married on November 11, 1919, to William Auda Carrington. He had just returned from a tour of duty with the United States Army. He spent a year in Europe with the Army of Occupation in France and Germany after World War I. They made their home in the Mount Ararat community and lived there more than 68 years, until his death in 1988. They were the parents of two children, Clara M. [Mrs. Millard] Wallace and Ronald A., who died in infancy. She has seven

David Wallace of Lexington; Beverly Trull of Parsons; and Patricia Larsen of Johnson City, Tn. Six great grandchildren have been born in this family, and one great-great-grandchild, Lynleigh.

She spent the depression years, as did countless other women, helping to provide food for their families by gardening, canning vegetables and fruits, and drying peaches and apples. She also raised chickens to sell as broilers and sold eggs. Cows were milked and the milk fed to pigs and chickens but the cream was sold. It was shipped in five gallon containers to Jackson o r Nashville. She was an active member of "Home Demonstration Clubs" for many years. She did sewing, crochet, quilts and baskets.

She has always enjoyed going places although she has never been too far from home. She has visited most of the states bordering Tennessee and for the past few years, has made an annual trip to visit her granddaughter, Patricia, and family in Johnson City. She enjoys the history and the beauty of the Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains. She has just returned from one of these trips where she went to the top of Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina. Now she is settled in for the winter with her dog, "Misty" who brings the daily paper to her; the TV that gives her news and special programs to watch, family members nearby, and others who come by to visit

"Happy birthday to our 'Grandmother' from all your family. You are truly an inspiration to all by your Godly life and your cheerful attitude- We are honored to call you 'Grandmother'." We, at The Progress, would like to add our best wishes to Mrs. Carrington.
Interesting People / The Lexington Progress November 4, 1992

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