I was born on Beech River, May 4, 1834, of honorable parentage, neither of which could more than read and write, and who were then struggling hard to pay for a small 50 acre farm. When I grew to school age, we usually had a two-months term, but I recall a time for three years that the little box school house ( it was used for church also) was not open for school due to the fact that the board for that house let a slicker talk them into buying desks, the money for which had to come out of the allotment due that house. However, I can point with great pride to some of my teachers, one of which was not other than Mr. Y.A. Jackson, at whose feet I sat three terms (four months each) and to whom I attribute most of my rudimentary education. I also went one term to no less a person than the eminent, scholarly gentleman, C. Perry Patterson. After I left the little district school at Rock Hill, I attended one-half term at Lexington, one-half term at Juno, one-half term at scotts Hill and three months at sardis, working every inch of my way myself. Of this fact I have always been very proud. No taxpayer ever paid one penny of my tuition and strange to say, no one ever advised me to attend school during those days. I made a county certificate by examination at the age of 16, and taught 18 years, and with the exception of the first two or three years, I am very proud of my record as a teacher. Space here would not permit me to give examples of my reasons why. I now have six children, four of which have had more days in school than I have, which partly explains why I consider my education inadequate and faulty. However, I am sure I have learned many times more int he storms of life since my school years are over, than before. But one can not but note the wonderful change in education that has taken place in the last two decades. I became a board member by appointment five years ago, to fill out the unexpired erm of a fine, capable and worthy friend, O.H. Dennison, who showed great judgment in resigning especially before the depression came. The best qualifications I have is my long experience in teaching and school management. However, I find it not so pleasant as I at first anticipated. I hope to be friends with all, and to fight ignorance which is the greatest blight that ever cursed the world.
Henderson County Schools Personnel of County Board of Education December 1934

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