Certainly well-known thoughout Henderson Coutny is Katherine G. Denison, wife of Judge W.H. Denison. Mrs. Denison has been a resident of the county since ????. She is the daughter of the late Ben J. and ?? Gaston and was born at Shelbyville. She attended Shelbyville and Middle Tennessee College. Her birthday is August 5. Mrs. Denison operates Denison Insurance Agency in Lexington, the executive secretary of the Red Cross; secretary and finance of the Methodist Church, a position she has held for the past five years. She has been Red Cross secretary since 1942. On March 20, 1917 she married V.H. Denison and they have two children, Mrs. Katherine Carter and W.H. Denison Jr.
People you Know - Lexington Progress 20 June 1952

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