The Senior Citizen honordeer this week is Lillian Derryberry ofLexington. She was born in Bowling Green KY in 1892. When she was a tiny girl, Texas was being settled by Kentucky and Tennessee folks and her grandfather and father moved to Texas as farmers. When her father received an offer of a railroad job they moved to Memphis. Lillian started school in Memphis then the family moved to Henderson County and she went to different schools in the county.

She says that Lexington High School was organized just about the time she would have gone but she was too busy getting married to Esco Derryberry. They had along and happy life together.

When their family was young they were living in Mississippi where Mr. Derryberry worked as overseer of a cotton plantation owned by Delta Pine Land Company and she was assistant post mistress. They were there for the flood of 1937. They knew that the levee was going to break so she took the children and Granny griggs and left home - expecting to meet the river coming down the road any minute. They made it to safety but their home was under three feet of water. The new folks who stayed behind built scaffolding and saved many things including her piano. However her Majestic range was covered over. She says that Beech River is as large a river as she cares to live near. After this, Mr. Derryberry went to work for TVA and they moved about a while. They eventually bought the Timberlake Dairy farm and settled down. In his retirement years, Mr. Derryberry grew beautiful mums.

They helped to organize Pine Grove Baptist Church and Lillian was pianist for nearly 30 years. She worked at the courthouse for W.O. Barry for several years. She was always community minded, helping out wherever she could. For many years she packed bottles for teh Bloodmobile. She learned to quilt after the Center started and she says it was nearly a year before they would let her quilt on their "Sunday quilts". She finally became proficient at it and quilted almost everyday.

When she was 86 years of age, she won the Senior Citizen beauty revue and could win again even today. Because of failing health she now lives at NuCare Nursing Home. She is content there and very well taken care of. She has crocheted six afghans in the 10 months she has been there. She is visited often by her two daughters, Mrs. Mildred Douglass, here, and Mrs. Betty Lee Pope of Nashville. She has four grandchildren, 11 great grandchildren and one great-great-grandchild.
Source: Clipping from the Lexington Library

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