W.D. ENGLAND One of the better-known farmers of the county is W.D. England, of Luray. Mr. England was born June 28, 1898, at Sardis and migrated to Luray three years later. He is the son of the late Dr. J.H. England.

On March 19, 1919, Mr. England was married to Miss Nelle Hills and they have two children; Dr. Welburn England and Mrs. Edward Deere. Mr. England is a member of teh Methodist Church. He attended schools in the county.

Mr. England is a member of teh county court, on the county's budget committee, foreman of teh grand jury and a FSA committeeman. Since then has been manager of the electric system. In World War 1, he volunteered for service and was placed in training at Clemson College. S.C.

Local Newspaper "People You Know - 11 April 1952".

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