E. M. Evans was born April 9, 1874 on a farm near old Moores Hill, in the northeastern part of the county. He was one of the five children of the late J. M. and Eliza Davis Evans. He spent his early life at the place of his birth and he got his early education at the Moores Hill school. When he was five years of age, his mother died, but his father remarried in a few years to the sister of his first wife and the young boy was reared by this good woman, scarcely knowing the difference from his real mother. When he was 11 years old, his father moved to Lone Elm and here he finished his education. After the railroad was built, his father again moved to the town of Chesterfield, where he has made his home since then, with the exception of six years. Soon after coming to Chesterfield, the young Mr. Evans started out for himself. He was first employed as a clerk in a general store. He then moved to Beacon where he workd for his uncle as a clerk for six years. He then accepted the position as agent for the a N.C. & L. railroad at Chesterfield and served in this capacity for 35 years until the agency was moved in 1931, and he is still caretaker for said company.

He was postmaster at Chesterfield from 1900 to 1934. In 1900 he was married to Miss Olivia Essary. He was a partner in the merchantile business with O. L. Wallace for two years, who later sold to John T. H Moore. This partnership continued until 1930 when other duties made it impossible for him to continue, and he sold his business to said Mr. Moore, who still runs the store. By an Act of Legislature, he was made district road commissioner in 1922, and continued in this capacity until the death of H. E. Graper in 1924. He was then made chairman of the In Highway Commission and served in this office throughout the dark days of the Henderson County roads when the county was wrapped up in in debt and remained to see the county road warrants worth 100 cents in the dollar. He served as Chairman of this Commission until the legislative act of 1931, which abolished same. He has been a member of the County Board of Education for 13 years and served as chairman of this august body for several years. This has always been Mr. Evan's pet hobby, as he has always been a strong advocate of better teachers and better schools. In his own section of the county he was instrumental in getting the new school buildings, all to of which were two and three teacher schools except two. He has likewise been as progressive for other sections of the county. He is now back at his favorite occopation as merchant. He together with his sons, is still in the merchantile business at Chesterfield. He was a member of the state Executive Committee of the Republican party for eight years. E. M. Evans has made a success of his own business which qualifies him to look after the business of the public.

Henderson County Schools Personnel of County Board of Education December 1934

Perhaps Ellis M. Evans, who was born a farmer near Moor's Hill in 1874, is the most powerful man in the County by virtue of his position. He is Postmaster at Chesterfield; Depot Agent; school director for the 6th district and chairman of School Board; Chairman of the highway commission since September 24, 1929; having control over highways and bridges and the work done by convicts on same; State Committeeman of the Eighth Congressional District for the Republican Party; and Recommender of Federal appointments such as collectors of customs, postmasters, census supervisors, and other Federal positions.

Auburn Powers History of Henderson County TN 1930

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