Our neighbor this week is Charles Hubert Hatchett. Since it was Father's Day we thought we would get a good father. He has 10 children and 27 grandchildren. Charles was born Feb. 22, 1928 to Mr. and Mrs. hubert Hatchett. He was the only son but he had five sisters. They are Inez Pugh of Memphis, Rebecca Smith of Whiteville, and Jackie Morris of Jackson; and two deceased sisters, Louise Stanford and Marie Erwin.

Charles married Mae Pratt on March 17, 1946. They have lived on Old Jackson Rod near the old home place ever since their marriage. He was born just a short distance from the place he now lives. Charlie and Mae have ten children - Charles Hardin, Betty Kile , James Hatchett, Rita Stanford, Charles Hatchett, Floyd Ray Hatchett, Doris Wallace, Bridget Roach, Cindy Wallace and Vicki Holmes.

Charles had farmed all his life and still farms as he bought his father's farm and also the old Wilson place. He also has worked with the state besides farming for 25 years. He is a plow operator with the Forestry Dept. The only other job he has ever held was with the Pet Milk Co. and worked at service stateion for a short time for Larry Franklin.

Among the places he has been while working with the state is all over Tennessee and even in East Tennessee in the mountains. After fighting fire in East Tenn. he stated that it was the hardest job he had ever done. He was asked to go to California to fight fire but he turned this job down.

Charlie's hobby mostly is working but he also likes to ride his horse and play some baseball. He now enjoys his son "Bull" playing baseball. His nickname is "lightening" Even though he is only 54 he would have to say he qualifies as a fine fther since Father's Day si coming up Sunday.
Meet Your Neighbor - Lexington County Times - June 16, 1982

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