Dedicated service to family and to her work as a nurse-dietician has been evident in the life of our Interesting Person this week. She is Janice Patterson Jones, who with her husband, Gary, and their daughter Mary Katheryn live on Hwy 412 E. very near Tine Tree Country Club.

She is employed by the state of Tennessee, Dept. of Health, as a Dietician. The primary emphasis of her work is with WIC, a nutrition program for Women, Infants and Children. Secondary responsibility is to provide local people with accurate nutrition information.

Janice grduated from Lexington High and received a BS degree in Home Economics in 1972 from teh University of Tennessee at Martin, a master degree in Food Service Administration followe din June 1984.

She married Gary Jones, Registered Pharmacist and owner of Jones Pharmacy, following her graduation from UTM in 1972. They moved to Calhoun City MS where Janice was employed with the Co-Op Extension Service and working with R-H Clubs. Gary attended Ole Miss and after his graduation in 1974 they moved back to Lexington. Janice became the Adult Agent for the Extension Service in Decatur County working until after their daughter Mary was born in 1977, resigning to stay at home.

In 1979 Gary and Janice startedJones' Pharmacy where she worked until she re-entered college to ear a degree in Nutrition and while studying for her master's degree, she found employment as Dietary Supervisor for a Jackson Nursing Home. Immediately following graduation in 1984 she was employed in the WIC program. In 1986 Janice and Margaret Witt developed a "Making the Most of You" program which they presented to eighth grdes in Hardin County. Janice is currently involved in working with the henderson County School Food Service Supervisor and Coaches to development and present a "Sports Nutrition Program".

Janice is the daughter oClyde Patterson and the late Mary Pendergrass Patterson. She has four brothrs.
Interesting Person - Lexington Progress February 5, 1992

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