Who in Henderson County doesn't know "Mutt"? A Homer Joyner was born two miles south of Huron on Jan. 6, 1880. He attended school at Juno at the Prince and Pearson school, only one in the county at that time. He is a son of the late Arch and Emma Joyner.

Mr. Joyner came to Lexington on Oct. 1, 1901 and began work at the old Stegall and Wadley Store. He stayed there for two years and worked another two at the Lither Wadley store. Then came the partnership that was to set the record for continuous business in Lexington - Bennett and Joyner. For 46 years this firm was a landmark until purchase not long ago by John Webb.

"Mutt" has been taking it easy since then and lives at Lexington Hotel. In his own words Mutt has "walked more miles in a store than any man in Lexington."
"People You Know" 21 Mar 1952

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